Friday, June 26, 2009

What Happened

I woke up yesterday morning after a respectable seven and a half hours sleep, feeling ok-ish but within about half an hour I was a crumpled heap on the kitchen floor. I have no idea why but it was so intense and I've never gone so deep so quickly before. My rational mind was trying to suggest things that I could do but there was a thundering roar shouting back at it to say I didn't want to make anything better, ever.

I put the oldest two kids on the bus to school for the first time, saving me about half an hour, and then took the smiley monster to care and was back in my jammies and in bed by 8.30am. I was cold all day, even with the electric blanket back on, which I only usually put on to warm the bed and then turn it off once I am in of a night. I didn't have anything to eat or drink all day and I wasn't hungry or thirsty at all. I slept more than five hours during the day and cried most of the rest of the time. I had to pick the kids up from school and take them to martial arts and it was horrible. I went to my room and lay on my bed in the cold and dark as soon as I got home with only the Kman visiting me from time to time to hug me and tell me he loved me. I was so grateful but also felt so guilty to make him witness to such a confusing and upsetting experience.

I slept another eight hours last night and feel like I could do it all again today, but the smiley monster is home so I won't be able to. I feel a million times more stable today, but am still shaken and tender from whatever the hell was going on with me yesterday and I still have no idea what happened.


Breeze said...

Hope you are feeling better now! Thanks for the follow! Nice place you have here, I think I'll stick around


Esaya-Ran said...

hope your feeling better soon..let me know if there is anything i can help with xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Wendy, that sounds so painful, and even more so out of the blue like that.
Maybe something inside just needed to be processed and let go of. The body usually knows what we need, and the heart.
Stay well.

Chuck Dilmore said...


hope you are feeling better!
maybe you just needed
the time, a break, to take care of yourself.

sending healing vibes
from the Northern Hemi~
and peace~

Wendy said...

Hello, Breeze - thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments.

Thanks, Helen, I appreciate your offer, support and friendship. ♥

Yes, Jac, I do believe you are right - I just wish my body/heart/brain would give me fair warning next time, preferably by booking in an appropriately timed appointment, and perhaps a bit of an explanation before, during or, at the very least, after wouldn't go astray.

And, Chuck, I always love to see your comments. Thanks, as always, for your kind words!

Kathleen said...

Big Hug xxxx

Lisa said...

poor you, sending love xx

Rob-bear said...

Do take care.

Much love and Bear hugs from the other end of the Commonwealth.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Oh my. Can you call a Dr. just to be sure its nothing serious. Fever? Well, I'm glad you seem to be on the mend.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Kathleen, Lisa and Rob.

No fever, HM and I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I am feeling a little more open to taking action today as opposed to the moments when these helpful thoughts tried to request an audience in my mind yesterday so am thinking something herbal may be in order.

Cynthia said...

Hi Wendy -- I've had that happen a couple times since I hit my mid-forties. I mean one minute up slightly weird feeling and then laying down on the floor, waiting for energy to climb to bed. I've come to a conclusion of a couple of events happening at the same time; it's usually within a week of my period starting, there might be some minor or major stress involved, and I'm dehydrated.

Hope this helps. It is lovely to have you stop by my blog. Yours is a nice one to curl up with.


Natalie said...

Scary stuff.
You sound exhausted, Wendy.
Probably the body and mind saying 'ENOUGH!'

I will, if you will. xx♥ :D

Wendy said...

Thanks for the comment, Cyn ♥ It seems quite a few of us go through similar things and it is wonderful to have that support and understanding when it's needed.

And thank you, Nat. I know you understand about exhaustion and the need for rest - yes, we do need to take one another's advice, don't we? *smile*