Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not Possible?

Constantly haunted
by memories of images
I have never seen before.

melding with reality
so much so
that it's hard to tell
one from the other.

Yet the scenes appear so strong
and the people so real
that I find it hard to believe
I don't "really" know them
and am drawn to think
about alternate realities
and the ability of the human being
to day walk between the two.

Who's to say
this is not possible?

My Friend

usually so hard to deal with
but lately
it is an acceptable companion.

This has surprised me
to no end.

Usually I find myself
entering overwhelm
with my physical surroundings
echoing my mental state.

have created a physicalchaos
everywhere I look
but it doesn't seem to bother me.

In this current chaos I see opportunities
necessary changes
and all of these things
I welcome in my life.

Despite a huge
and dramatic
last week
that left me
this week
I am ok
or atleast
somewhat approaching
whatever version of ok
seems to be real
for the time being.

Despite terrible circumstances
befalling me and mine
I am still positive this week.

Next week
well who knows
but this week
chaos is good
and necessary
and something that I can
and want to
work with.

Chaos seems to be
my friend.