Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Where are you
in all of this.

This is part of me
that needs to hold you

But to do that
I would need to meet you
face to face
and that is not possible.

Not now.

Maybe not ever.

We have a belief
that you hold the answers
but the truth is
the answers are irrelevant
when we don't even know
what the questions are.

I know you are there.

I know you are listening.

I can feel you in every breath
every heartbeat
every degree of rotation around the sun.

Yes, you are there
and I choose to believe you care
but why in the world
so I expect the same
of the creatures you have created.

That is the fallacy.

That is the great lie.

That you would love us so much
deludes us into thinking
we should love one another
just as much
when that
quite simply
is not possible.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Born To Do

Being busy
and unmotivated
is a terrible combination
on so many levels.

Feeling irrepressibly sad
and thinking this is possibly
an absorption
of the energies around me
which is another
terrible combination
with the energies within me
at the moment.

Knowing I need
to focus on a routine
of many things
energy protection
severing energy connections that do not serve
and just trying to
deal with my own shit
rather than
everyone else's
would be a damn good start.

Yes here I am
in a holding pattern
of self destruction
that has become
the pattern of my life
and yet somehow
I manage
better than many other days before
to keep holding on
and believing
things are getting better.

But are they?

And if they are
then to what point
given the state of the woprld
which offers nothing
to get better for.

When I consider
some of the amazingly inspirational people
in my life
I know that I should also be inspired
but I am just awed and confused
and that leads to being
overwhelmed and intimidated
and thus the spiral starts again.

There has been one thing
that should be intangible
which seems to have
powerfully manifested
on my soul
and that is a solitary ritual
I held the other night
around my fite pit
where I made poppets
of the people that I find myself dwelling on
in hurt
and dissapointment
and disallusionment
and anger
and I was surprised
at how few there were
and how much perspective that point alone gave
and I spoke to each of them
and told them how I felt
and why I felt that way
and then I forgave them.

One by one
I forgave them.

And then I burned the poppets
and released all of the painful and negative thoughts
that I had been holding onto
and handed them over to the universe
and now
when my mind thinks of these people
there is nothing
but what I chose for there to be
in my head and in my heart
but mostly
it is just nothing
and that is ok for now
and I know that this is the point
from which I will move on
and find the place
that I am meant to be
in these particular relationships
and I will be able to accept this
without regret
or hurt.

Each day
I am still in gratitude
and I acknowledge
my many blessings
give thanks for
all of the things that really matter in my life
and I appreciate the moments
when my muse stirs
and I hear her voice
and know that there are things
I can do
and that I will do
because it is getting better
and I will forge my own path
where it has worn so thin
that it is hard to follow
because that is what
I was born to do.