Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who's Next?

OK, still haven't found any motivation yet - but think it's about to burst forth. Didn't get a proper nap, thought I'd sort the clothes into Piles of Ownership while watching Elf on DVD - Will Ferrell is so much fun to watch in that movie. Anyway, then I got caught up watching it and wasn't falling asleep so turned it off but only dozed very, very lightly until it became annoying and I decided to keep watching Elf.

Now, it's a Red Bull with a shot of vodka, the vacuum is going, the bins are being emptied, the Kman's camp paperwork is being sent and the kitchen is starting to look wary as it has the feeling it's next.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Had an unexpected trip to the shops this morning as one of the pressies for Binn's clan broke three seconds after opening :-(

It was really busy when we got there about 9-ish but much more settled when we left an hour and a half later. I picked up the replacement gift - but not the same as there were none left so I had to put the thinking cap back on for another idea - and also knocked over a few items that were on The Starchild's list. Had two widdies with me and they were rewarded with thick shakes and donuts that they didn't finish so I had to help out with - the donuts were fresh and soooo yummy!

The main present for the outlaws is now purchased - Flight Centre GV to add to Sister C and the Virgo Nurse's purchased of the same. What else do you get people in their seventies who deserve the best of everything but don't really need anything?

The Starchild is on his way to Sydney to visit the nine live cat with clipped wings (which I have waiting on hold for half an hour on an STD call to confirm is still on after recent cancellations) and will bring Sister C back up with him. The Virgo Nurse will be coming up after work as well. I really hope the traffic won't be heavy and that they all have a good run back home. The Starchild is planning on one more trip to the shops and will then be back home - and no work for him until the new year - whoo hoo x 2425157412452 and then some. I usually have to create human life for him to have time off work and then he usually goes back as soon as I am home from hospital. I am so looking forward to us all spending time together as a family, even if it is just for a short time.

Am starting to think about New Years Resolutions. I usually make them as I love any chance to set goals, although I don't usually like to wait to start them once I decide on them. Nothing revolutionary is coming to mind, although making a go of our own business is a bit of a step. I'm gonna need a lot of focus as self-direction is not really my strong point.

Am also thinking about a nap, then getting stuck into things. I'm much more active as the day wears on and will have more energy after a nap. The world at this time of year is such a mixture of extreme emotions and I am feeling a bit at a loss as to where I'm at. I am quite cruisey in general still and sort of excited but still a bit flat it seems. I'm sure as the house starts to fill up with people I will be a bit more bouncy.

Hi-ho, Hi-ho

Starting the day on Christmas Eve. Stayed up way too late last night, wrapping presents with The Starchild until I was a zombie. He does the no sleep thing so well. Then a shower together and wonderful love making. We've been together so long you'd think it would be boring by now; but no - it's still wonderful. Stayed awake through Dirty Sexy Money - starting a show at 11.30pm is just ridiculous. We only had a few more presents to get and The Starchild has "volunteered" to get them.

We've agreed to not getting each other much this year, but with him at the shops at the last minute he's sure to break his end of the deal. He knows I love surprises. There are some things I know I'm getting, like the latest Stephen King book. He's also spend more money at JB Hi Fi than he's talked about in gifts so that will be a good thing. I did drop a hint about a particular CD but we'll see if that's what I end up with. I'm always really happy with his choices for me from there anyway.

We have less things for the widdies this year, but only marginally. The outlaws spent heaps and they are coming up to open the presents so that it will be a big, happy Christmas morning. We also have the trampoline and swing set so that will be great! I can't wait either. I've somehow managed to hurt my right wrist last night so I'm really looking forward to finding out what damage I'll do to myself on a trampoline.

My mission today, if I chose to accept it, is to get all of the clothes folded and put away and to finish cleaning the house. I'm feeling better today so it's entirely possible that I will succeed. So, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to what I am reduced to calling work even though it's a personally completely unstimulating exercise, I go!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost There

Yes, only two sleeps till Christmas, and despite having "all the time in the world" on my hands, I still don't feel prepared. I have no idea who I have shopped for and who I haven't. I was planning on going through it all tonight however The Starchild took a job down to the Central Coast and is still not home and after starting his day at 2am, me think he will be of absolutely no help at all. To make it all worse, all of the presents are in our room so I will undoubtedly be a right royal pain in the proverbial trying to make up for lost time in getting organised.

On a positive, the food and drinks are all under control. Did a grocery shop today and identified before even unloading the bags the things I would need to nip out for at the last minute so went and did that as well. Dropped pressies that we bought on behalf of the outlaws down to them to wrap. Had our musical guest and miss curlz and also he whose name is not what he is called, which was a very nice addition. Have half-organised a meal with them between xmas and new year. Must write that down somewhere.

Have just about every article of clothing out of the draws, worn, washed, dried and sitting on lounges waiting to start the cycle again. Being ahead on the washing, as the tea lady likes to think of it, does not make it any easier to get through. Was another thing I had planned to do. Had two sick kids on Sunday and Monday then I was a little sick on Sunday, very sick on Monday and recovering today. Hopefully the last one will remain unaffected.

Well, better get on with dinner, showers and bed for some and more work for me. I am actually very happy - I just wish I had more energy with which to be happy with!