Saturday, May 9, 2009

Opposites Attract

The Starchild and I are clearly made from different moulds; that is something of which I am sure. He was asleep on the lounge when I came home after a wonderful night out at the cottage for a beautiful full moon ritual (thanks, Jen) and chats afterwards (thanks, sisters). I did a whole lot of nothing on the computer for a few hours until I was ready for bed and we both retired for the night.

I woke this morning and lay in bed for a time while The Starchild was out at swimming lessons with the smiley monster. He came home shortly after only to leave again to do a delivery to Pokolbin (he's a courier). During that time I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, had a spot of breakfast, *tried* to get enough mess either tidied or hidden sufficiently to get to the vacuuming, fed children, directed children to the Weekly Room Tidy with bribes of pocket money, washed two loads of clothes (something that I'm sure I did only two days ago), rediscovered the dining table under piles of paperwork, toys, drawings, mail in various states of opening, an inexplicably large number of pens, pencils and miscellaneous household items, then I sharpened twelve new pencils for the kids to do their homework with, re-homed several other items purchased during the week that were beginning to think their destiny was not along the paths intended during manufacture but to merely exist in the bag that they were brought home from the shops in and to reside on the green lounge in the dining room where they could enjoy the comings and goings of the other inmates here at the zoo, sorted and redistributed more piles of drawings, paintings, unidentifiable craft work, junk mail, newspapers and other items that appear to be magnetised with the opposite polarity as the end of my kitchen bench which they are therefore unavoidably drawn to, did 'school work' with the smiley monster and completely failed to get to the vacuuming as planned before The Starchild came home.

As soon as he was home, he had some breaky then loaded up his truck with some bush rocks that we had spare and took them and the Kman around to the tea lady's as I had volunteered us to help them give their garden a make over in preparations for them putting their house on the market. I wrote a letter to the nine live cat with clipped wings, including pictures from our trip to town on the train from last Sunday, hung out the washing and then also headed over to the tea ladies with the impossible princess and the smiley monster in tow.

We had a lovely and productive day. The tea lady and I were in charge of the plants and chose a lovely selection of Australian natives. The boys did the major clearing work while the kids played in the dirt and mud. By the end of the day, their garden looked just wonderful, but I do believe I have never seen dirtier kids in my life. We literally hosed them off before we loaded them in the car and headed home.

Now, I'm here on the computer again and The Starchild is asleep on the lounge again. We are such opposites in so many ways, but it certainly seems to work - well, some days at least. It makes me think there is merit in the adage that opposites attract.

The End Is Nigh

The wheels are finally in motion to get some wheels in motion. I have agreed on a price with a colour that suits The Starchild with a salesman that suits me. Yes, that's right, I did the wheeling and dealing and The Starchild fussed over car colour - talk about breaking down gender and relational stereo types!

The whole thing was actually done over the phone and I haven't even met the salesman, nor has he seen our trade-in. Me thinks this is the way to go with these things. Now the final hurdle has been raised - getting the finance. We should know early next week if I should be making arrangements for a new car or if I should be re-newing my relationship with my current car and giving it some of the attention that has been so lacking of late. Perhaps a wash and a vacuum are in order.

Am grateful for the wish of "motoring bliss" from my sister last night - thank you, Lisa. Am also sending positive financial and abundance blessings out to the universe. Full moon is a wonderful time for this, which coincided without planning so I'm looking at that as a positive sign from the Goddess.

The main thing is that I am looking forward to moving on from all of this and am remembering that the level of challenge is proportionate to the level of reward once complete.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Does That Come In A Can?

It occurs to me that some people do not realise that not all people are fools and where they are not able to discern the difference due to their own shortcomings they sometimes apply a common denominator approach at the lowest end of the spectrum. This, in my experience, is more prevalent with car salesmen.

Yes, I have again ventured out into the world and successfully managed to get myself struck of the Christmas card list of another car salesman. The Starchild screened a different dealership yesterday and gave one of the salesmen the heads up about my previous experiences. Today, I was pleased to find myself talking to a nice young chap, who I will call Jimmy the boy, because his name is Michael. I don't actually think Jimmy the boy would have treated me like an idiot even if The Starchild had not forewarned him and I actually found him to be very nice so was happy to deal with him.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the world of car dealerships, nice people wield no real power so I was soon to be exposed to "The Manager" who within 5 minutes was already using phrases like, "what you have to understand is this", "well, you would want me to lie to you, would you?" and "I'll just go and ask if they can move on the trade-in price but you'd have to be willing to shake hands on the deal first".

Once again, I found myself with my hands clasped in front of me on the table and speaking slowly and deliberately so as there could be no mistake in my requirements AS THE CUSTOMER before dismissing him so that I could progress in my purpose to obtain all of the information that I needed to feel comfortable. I had "The Manager" shaking with frustration at the sheer nerve of this WOMAN sitting before him and poor Jimmy the boy shaking with either fear or laughter, I'm not sure which. I'm hoping it was laughter as he deserves some sort of compensation for having to work with someone like "The Manager" as well has having to put up with customers like me.

Anyways, I got to speak with the head finance guy, as our circumstances are a little tricky with the business being so new, and he was very much a professional. He tried things like giving me a range on the possible interest rates but quickly realised that this little black duck wasn't even going to pay monthly account keeping fees, let alone a starting price interest rate and wanted a 24 hour turn around time on approval. Once that was all worked out it was very pleasant dealing with him also.

So, now I know what I want and how much it will cost, I've put a call into the accountant and pending her advice will decide whether to proceed or not. I'm still half expecting it all to go belly up and to be driving around in my smaller but otherwise perfectly serviceable current car for a few more years. Perhaps I can just get a can of "new car smell" to spray around and I can put an end to this whole frustrating experience.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I'm Meant To Be Doing

A big weekend and very lovely. Morning chores on Saturday. Outlaws over for lunch and into the late afternoon. Watched Chocolat again with them - I've never known people to talk so much through a movie and with The Starchild trying to listen to the footy on the radio in the next room it was very noisy but still good to spend time doing something with them.

After a week of max six hours sleep a night, having ten hours sleep on Saturday night was most welcome. Old and boring I am, it seems, but ever grateful for sleep.

Church on Sunday morning, running late for music practice beforehand but not too much of a problem. I am just sick of being constantly late for stuff. Usually I don't leave enough time but this time I did so I thought I had extra time and ended up taking things too cruisey and jumping in the car to leave five minutes after I should have already been there. The Starchild is a fine one for this as well and has a habit of asking things of me as I am trying to walk out the door but I still manage to be late or rushing around like a blue-arsed fly when I am not impeded by any other zoo-dwellers. The lesson here is personal responsibility, organisation, prioritisation and planning. Yes, OK, that's four lessons, but I'm a bit pumped at the minute so I reckon I can handle that.

And pumped I am. Have been very contentious with the housework and with a few other things I am working on and feeling very chuffed with myself at the moment. I think the sleep has a lot to do with it.

So, back to Sunday. Where was I up to? Ten hours sleep, music practice, church, yep, that's about as far as I got. Socialised after church then came home and headed do the local train station for a spontaneous train trip into town. Walked along the foreshore - very lovely! Had Harry's Cafe de Wheels for lunch. Wandered around a bit more. Saw the tree climbers from the tree climbing competition packing up in Civic Park. Meandered a bit then headed home. The kids had a really great time and it was a nice little impromptu family outing.

Looking at finance for new car and not sure how we will go as it is a business purchase but business has been trading for less than 12 months so is looking a bit touch and go. Am going to see a different sales guy tomorrow and have asked him to have his finance guy at the ready coz I'm set on what I want and am ready to talk some serious turkey, even though I am keeping in mind that this may all be a huge waste of time and we may have to pull the plug if we can't get the loan.

Also looking at accommodation for holiday coming up THIS MONTH. So exciting. Scary coz it's expensive, but still so very exciting.

So, that's where I'm at. I'm energised and committed to getting more sleep so I can keep on top of things, even though I do love to be sitting at the computer at 2am with my eyes hanging out of my head then spending the next day curled up on the lounge watching DVDs. I'm not 100% sure but I do have an inkling that there is more that I am meant to be doing with my life than that.