Saturday, November 1, 2008

Busy Morning, Lovely Day

Busy morning. Messed up with the clocks somehow last night - makes two days in a row :-(

On Thursday, Mamushka feel against the plug and knocked it out but when I set the time I forgot to set the alarms therefore on Friday morning The Starchild woke up at 3.30am instead of 1.45am. I maintain I was doing him a favor subconsciously but I can see how this may be construed as a fuck up. Mamushka was up to his same trick yesterday but The Starchild set the time however it appears there was a conversation where I was adamant that the time was one hour earlier than it actually was therefore this morning when The Starchild got up with the clock saying 6.20am, it was really 7.20am and he didn't realise until 7.43am, which was, of course, too late for the smiley monster's swimming lesson. I was appropriately scolded with the uncharacteristicly insensitive remark from The Starchild that he didn't know how I ever held down a job. Hhhmmmmm.

But it was a busy day with lots to do in preparation for pot luck lunch with ex-colleagues. Got everything done and was ready to relax and have fun.

Widdes were wonderful today and got to squeeze a fresh one.

On facebook now and msging a friend from school that I haven't talked to in more than a decade - wow, it's scary to think of things in that way. I don't know if there's anyone that I wouldn't like to chat to on fb, which is interesting as a lot of ppl say about how there are ppl that they wouldn't want to add on there or who leave because of ppl from their past contacting them when they would rather leave that all behind.

Another night where I'm not taking myself off to bed until hours and hours after I should. Down to Sydney tomorrow. It's good the house is tidy and will only have two loads of clean clothes to sort and possibly some ironing. Should knock that over during Idol :-)

Friday, October 31, 2008

End of the day now...

Unproductive daylight hours.


Picked up the widdies from school.

Put the groceries away.

Back to the shops t buy a beanie kid and a flash drive.

Trick or treating - nice!

End of the day now - happy? Yes!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Lamb Roast Has Left The Building

Another good day today - I tell you, I could really get used to this staying at home business - except for the small matter of the finances, that is.

The Starchild got home at 11am today so we went to the pet shop, got my fish tank water tested and bought some fish. I wanted a sea snail but they were fresh out of them, it seems. We also talked about Hocus and it seems she is doing what any single, self-respecting nesting rainbow lorrikeet should be doing. Keeping her and her two little eggs in my prayers though.

Just thought I'd say at this point that i'm loving my wireless keyboard and mouse!

After the pet shop we went to the plant shop and bought two venus fly traps and some duck weed for the pond after The Starchild's enthusiastic trimming effort on the weekend. The Starchild also did the edges and mowed the lawns. I'd like to say that this was all as I watched but I did some sweeping so I'm sure that counts for something. Have a landscaper coming out tomorrow for a quote and we'll see where we go from there.

Should also be getting my termination pay tomorrow - YIPPIE!!!!

And, had lamb roast tonight. It was soooooo yummy :-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Denied Losses Must Therefore Be Wins

It nearly didn't happen. I could feel myself getting to the point where it was all becoming too hard. It started with the lamb roast - or rather, not having the lamb roast - that was the beginning of the unraveling, me thinks.

From there, I just couldn't seem to get organised, and you may recall this was something I was specifically aiming at in order to get to Beltane without too much impact on the rest of the zoo. There were still two bags of things that I wanted to unpack in the lair that I had moved from the trestle table to the desk so technically the trestle table was still clear but which I knew was just cheating.

Then our musical guest and mini curlz arrived with wonderful news - babies every where it seems - so I was having a catch up (including actually jumping up and down in excitement and giving out hugs). So, even though this was good I still had no other plans for dinner.

Then The Starchild arrived and he was nearly dead on his feet. He went straight upstairs and I didn't see him again until after the departure of the musical guest. And I still hadn't worked out and I still hadn't showered and all of a sudden it was after six o'clock and I had planned on leaving at five to seven.

Sounds impossible. Well, no, not really impossible, but I was certainly starting to think so.

But, I pulled it all together in the eleventh hour. I whipped up some dinner and worked it so we all sat down together to eat (even though I choofed off as soon as I had finished my crazy shake). I started to think about what to wear and knew that it started with colours, so a quick peek in the document that had been uploaded to the yahoo group and bright colours with special mention of rainbow. Being that rainbows are one of the smiley monster's favourite things at the moment, that suited me fine.

Then into the shower and starting to plot the dressing items. Decided on a skirt and as I was unshaven in the leg department, gave them a quick going over with the razor (quick was ok as it was a long skirt), focused on the word economy and only five minutes later than I had planned I was all ready to go. Fortunately my planned times usually have a generous period of grace built in so I knew it would all be ok.

All that was left was to grab a donation and something to share for supper, kiss the family and then off I went. Protection and intent for the drive in and with blessings and gratitude I made it without issue and in excellent time - even had cool tunes to listen to with Alice at Nights on 104.5 Star FM.

And it was a wonderful evening. Wonderful company. Wonderful sentiments. Wonderful involvement (I got to read the bit that Cian and I had written). Wonderful craft. It was just all good.

Home and fed the animals of the four legged kind, hung a load of washing on the airer as the weather tomorrow is not looking promising (rained all day today even though The Starchild said the forecast he saw predicted it was going to be hot), redid the May Pole ribbons from the craft item, worked out details for the email I promised Blister in the San and worked on the note stuck to the monitor for High School Musical songs for the impossible princess.

But alas, it is now nearly 1am again. And I feel good and there is so much I would like to get stuck into but I do like to be in bed before The Starchild gets up. I did get to stick my undine picture in my BOS, so that's another win - seems like the night was full of them.

Here's to Getting Back On Track

After a very concerted effort, I have reacquainted myself with the trestle table in the lair - yippie! Lots and lots and lots of stuff has been cupboardised but not everything has been filed as this will need a whole other tidying session. At least then I will be able to utilise the trestle table as I had originally intended - as a temporary workspace to assist with small projects.

Have a big pile of recycling and surely more once I get on to the filing cabinet. Keep eyeing off the boxes at the top of the cupboard as they are labelled but I know they do not contain what they purport to. Will need to get to them so I can find a home for the three bags of The Starchild's tax stuff.

Still so much more to do but a big, clear surface is exceptionally encouraging. Have filled another box for one of the widdies - I just can't help holding on to all of that stuff. Am getting ready to tackle the filing cabinet though, with is going to be the biggest job but also the most important for being able to maintain this as a working lair, as opposed to the dumping ground it has been for far too long now.

And to celebrate my productivity and effectiveness, I had a nap. And I'm ready to get the widdies from school and off to swimming now. Seems like it has been such a short day and even though I have really only done one thing so far - or, more accurately, part of one thing - it has been a big one and one that makes has a three fold effect in that it helps physically, emotionally and spiritually. <|:-)

Plans for the lamb roast tonight have been postponed due to commitments of the musical kind. Will have to wait for tomorrow, which is ok, too. Still thinking I might make Beltane. Feeling like I am getting things back on track and all I can say to that is yip ~ Yip ~ YIP ~ YIPPIE!!!!

Today's Priority: The Lair

OK, certain goals again today - main priority being the lair!!!!!!!! Let me just reinforce that: I will be making inroads into the chaotic state of the lair. And again: the lair will be tidier today as there is no longer a need for it to be so messy.

Drew a picture of an undine for my BOS last night. Yea, ok, I know, I'm several weeks late, but if I had have done it when I was *meant* to then it wouldn't have been what is now is. To me that means that I was really *meant* to do it last night - or more accurately, in the wee small hours of this morning. Did I mention that I'm a bit of a night owl? Anyway, here's the picture:

The element poems are now fitting in to place as well. I like symmetry and patterns and now I have developed the template it allows my creativity to work in the structured, logical (Wendy-logical) way that I am most comfortable with. Good, good, I say.

So, once i get some serious order in the lair (because that is my priority today) I will go back to my BOS and paste my undine picture in then write up my earth poem and see where I'm at from there. I'd like to go on with the pictures and poems for the other elements but I'm thinking that is a night thing. I'm sure there is lots and lots and lots more that I can catch up on and there is always part two of the assignment.

Mentioned to The Starchild that I may be going to Beltane tonight. Looking forward to being well organised and making a lamb roast. Working on the Smiley Monster to eat his dinner - consistency from The Starchild on Monday night when I was at class. How I love that man! We can be such a great team and I am so grateful.

Now - on to the lair. It's my priority today, you know.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Do List Success

I'm so impressed with myself - the To Do List actually happened and I had such a productive day.

Surprising really, particularly as the first thing I did after my last post was to sleep. I woke up at midday and felt a little slow but still a lot less mentally cluttered. So I pottered around a bit and surfed the net a bit and put together my To Do List. Then it all kicked in at around 12.30pm and away I went.

I changed quilts and washed sheets and towels and folded clothes and rearranged two lots of widdies drawers and put away clothes for four people (I still don't know where all of The Starchild's things go) and fixed a crazy-ass blind that previously decided to disengage from it's neighbour so was leaving a gap when closed and lunched and collected eggs and cleaned 3 x pet water dishes and fed hocus (who is looking after two eggs and preparing to either be a single mum thanks to the Smiley Monster's cat in the aviary trick or to pass on as she is appears to have stopped coming out of her nest to eat or drink) and hung sheets and towels on the line and finished emptying the dishwasher that The Starchild had mostly done already and vacuumed and mopped and practiced guitar and folded and put away newly cleaned sheets and towels and wrote a poem about earth for my BOS and dinnered two widdies and showered and dressed the same two widdies and worked out with The Starchild and made up some lemon water to start the next four days with and offered words of affirmation to The Starchild for his awesome effort with the poor fallen trees out the front and msg'd missing you and support to the third and just generally got things done. I added some projects to the list as well so that will carry over and I have no intention of being that enthusiastic every day but gee it felt GOOD!

I am such a night owl and wish I could live my life with late naps in the morning and staying up late each night. There is an amazing thunder and lightning display going on outside at the moment and I have the blind up to watch it and the window open to let the energy in. There's no rain yet but I'm sure it will come. And it is meant to be a hot one tomorrow, so it will be wonderful to have the world all watered and ready to bear the heat of the day.

It is right on the New Moon as well, so it is insanely dark before the flashes of lightning. I have some work to do in time with the appearance of the first sliver of the new moon - new beginnings, growth and all that. Would like to go to Beltane tomorrow, although much prefer if celebrations were on the actual day; I'll see what happens. Planning a roast lamb for tea - yummo! Beltane doesn't start until 7.30pm so would possibly be OK if all else is organised - might be another To Do List day again tomorrow.

By Golly, By Jingo, By Crikey...

...I'm tired!

Must stop having Red Bulls of an evening if I'm planning on getting to sleep before 2am.

I would like to put together a To Do List today. Wish me good luck with that; I'll let you know how I go.

The Universe Loves Me

Well, class was kinda almost normal (whatever that is) - so no revelations but certainly increasing disquiet in the knowledge that what existed before must clearly still exist and is being masked and denied. I'm really not comfortable with that.

But, it was good to hand my homework in on time with no stress. And it was good to get some pictures for the scrapbook, even though I am now three collages behind. And it was good to put time into my BOS today, even though I didn't add much and I know that I am still more than three lessons behind. At least I know where I am at and have the time to work on it. Tomorrow (today) perhaps, a little at a time but consistently for a change.

It was also wonderful, as always, to spend time with the soulful one. Can you believe Macca's were out of Chai powder? So, no cuppa for me but a cookies and cream cheese cake, which, not surprisingly, looked way better than it tasted.

Scraping up my coins so focusing positive energy on getting my pay all sorted this week. Wondering if we are entitled to the latest round of government handouts. I'm sure the universe loves me so it will all work out ok.

Monday, October 27, 2008


A day in the yard yesterday but still soooooooo much to do. Have so many plans and while this is daunting at times - especially when starting to feel woozy after just a few hours at work - it is wonderful and full of possibilities. That is the essence of spring, and particularly of spring in Australia.

Class tonight. My challenge today is to get my assignment finished and to get through as much other YAAD and BOS stuff as possible. Not looking forward to tonight but should bring clarity or at least more information amidst the recent confusion. I'm not the sort of person who hides from things so I find it difficult when others do but I understand much of it is a defense mechanism and we all have those in some form or another. I am still surprised that there was such animosity hidden under the guise of compassion and did I dare to believe friendship as well? But perhaps I am mistaken now and will feel quite the fool for worrying so.

Having more time is wonderful and makes you really appreciate being able to do even just little things. On 14 October I did a Karmic Spread for myself, which I haven't done for a really long time - perhaps all year. On that day I had four of the Fool and three of Faith and the Wheel. This spoke to me of new beginnings and starting afresh and gave reassurance that this was my correct path at this time. I guess it could be seen as a bit of a daunting spread but for me it gave me comfort in the things I was facing in terms of my job.

I have done another Karmic Spread today and have four of the Chariot and three of the Empress and the Wheel. It's interesting that I rarely used to get four of the same cards when I was doing this regularly in tarot class. The Chariot speaks of movement, fairly turbulent movement, and I think this is very true for me right now. I am riding the waves and holding the reigns but events threaten to overpower me if I don't keep a strong, firm grip. The Empress reminds me to look after myself and to allow my nurturing nature to be focused inwards at times in order to work towards a bountiful harvest. I have planted the right seeds but I need to make sure I am caring for myself while trying to ride the turbulence in the Chariot card. And the presence of the Wheel again reassures me that I am on the right path; that the events of the here and now can be challenging but they are my fate. I am growing within myself as the wheel of the year turns and that everything is as it should be.

Sounds about right to me anyway. Now, on to my assignment.