Saturday, March 27, 2010

When You Find It

Sometimes I am lost
and sometimes I am found;
I believe this is true of everyone at some point.

Today, I am found.

We often ask for signs,
some of us
more often than others,
but we also often
fail to see them when they are delivered.

Our heads
and our hearts
are in constant conflict.

This world makes us strive towards the practical
it makes us think
that the practical
is mutually exclusive
with the inspirational
and it is the inspirational
that is the reason for our existence
so there is no reason
why we can't make it
practical as well.

We can make anything happen.

So many times
have improbable things
seemed like
impossible things,
there is a
between improbable
and impossible.

Science tries to dictate the rules of life,
but life exists
whether science can explain it
or not.

We should always try to understand
more and more
about life
and the natural laws
of creation
but we should never allow
our current understanding
to limit
the potential for
our future understanding.

There are things
we cannot explain.

Some of them we believe,
some of them we don't.

But before we decide
we should practice
being open
to the possibilities.

Look for more
and you will find it.

Look for good
and you will find it.

Look for love
and you will find it.

Are you conscious
of what you are looking for?

And are you ready
when you find it?