Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did Do List - Tuesday 2 December

Well, it's no surprise that I didn't get everything done on my To Do List for today but I gave it a fair shake of the lambs tail.

Here's some of the things that I can count as having achieved:

* Ironed 2 of the Kman's shirts and the impossible princess's uniform
* Tidied up the kitchen bench
* Dropped the widdies off at school, came home and then realised at 9.10am that the spelling bee was at 9.15am so high-tailed it back to school to watch both of my gorgeous school children up on stage spelling their little hearts out amongst their peers
* Worked out for a whole hour
* Bought and rehomed six new fish, some algea stuff for the pond and a new water dispenser for Hocus
* Put tax stuff out for Mrs P, which it seems she has collected
* Installed new version of FrostWire as well as codecs, the absense of which were causing me all sorts of grief with several movies and have also commenced downloading some more stuff (lucky I have recently freed up more than 20Gb harddrive space - gotta clear stuff outta your life if you want more new stuff to come in)
* Sorted out wrongful suggestion that we would be slugged $5 for the record of care sheet not having been handed in on time because we didn't sign it when the smiley monster was actually absent - and it only took three phone calls to get it all sorted
* Showered and shaved
* Emptied the bins
* Cooked (and ate) vegies for lunch
* Put up the last of the inside Christmas decorations and put ribbons and other bits and pieces away
* Put upstairs Christmas tree up and put box away
* Folded clothes
* Took the widdies out for the impossible princesses drama rehersal and then to Maccas
* Put on a load of washing

There must has been other stuff as I didn't stop until 8.45-ish when I realised that there were shows on telly that I wanted to watch.

Had a crazy dream last night - store manager from when I was an office chicky at Coles at Merrylands was the boss from my last work and was loosing the plot and asking me to attend meetings after he had already closed down the office. It was kind of a compliment but was very confusing.

Well, the day is almost done. There are still a few things that I didn't get to mark off my To Do List so I will see how I go with them tomorrow. It's a never ending cycle as the more things I get done the more things I seem to have on my list of things to do but I feel better about things mentally, which is great.

~ Text deleted. Reason: insanity.

Monday, December 1, 2008

To Do List - Tuesday 2 December

FOCUS for tomorrow:
* Meditate
* Work Out
* Empty bins
* Create budget
* Put up Xmas tree upstairs
* Finish internal decorations and put away ribbons etc
* Put tax stuff out for Mrs P
* Make vegie lunch
* Put away tax documents
* Star reorganisation of the filing cabinet
* Fold clothes

Duality in Blogging

Blogging creates such a quandary in my mind. I'd like to use my blog to share my life with my family and friends but 1) I don't think it's very interesting; 2) I tend to waffle on a lot and 3) I don't know that public blogs are very honest, and that is what I'm looking for in my blog - a safe space to express my thoughts without censure. Perhaps I need two blogs - one for me and one for the rest of the world. There are a few problems with that in that I don't really have enough time to maintain two blogs and I have this blog so much how I want it that I don't want to have to think up new things again.

I'll see if I can think of an amicable solution before deciding whether or not to create a blog that I actually tell people about so I can exist in a state of duality.