Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good One

The Starchild recently won tickets to a corporate box at the footy and we were fortunate enough to have everything work out so we could go last night.

Mamma Bear looked after the widdies - she is so good with them and even though they don't see her as often as the outlaws, they take to her immediately and it always makes things so much easier.

The tickets included parking, which was fantastic and a first for us at Homebush Stadium.

We felt pretty spesh going into the box area and were the first ones in the box we were in - which also has to be a first for us. There was a hostess chicky, who was just basically an employee of the company and was very easy to get along with, and a chef chicky, who was very nice but ever so busy all night. All up there were about a dozen or so people.

We had two types of bruchetta and a smoked salmon wrap for the entree, dinner was a succulent beef on a bed of couscous, there were also hot chips, spicy sausages, curry chicken puffs, baramuni puffs, beef and mushroom pies, baby burgers, cheese and mushroom mini pizzas and a load of other things that I can't remember due to the lovely semmilon sav blanc that was my choice of beverage for the evening. The ever-fussy Starchild didn't eat a thing the whole night except for a few chips, but he drank lots of coke and enjoyed the fantastic view of the ground.

But, best of all, Souths actually came away with a win, and we also won a little over $20 on the complimentary TAB bets that came as part of the box tickets.

We got back to Mamma Bears around 10:15pm and were on our merry way home a bit after 11pm, which put us safely home around 1:15am and in bed just 15 short minutes later. It was a long day, particularly for The Starchild who had risen almost 23 hours earlier, but it was a good one.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Reasonably Successful Day

Woke up yesterday morning feeling a little bit eeek which progressively worsened as the day went on. Had to brave the supermarket with two widdies, not my favourite past time even at 100% strength but my strength was rapidly fading and I was so glad for the help of their little hands, even if it meant that I had to re-do half of what they did, they still helped me get the groceries into the car and from the car to the bench and from the bench to the fridge and cupboard (well, kinda).

Half three saw The Starchild taking the older two widdies to swimming lessons and me picking the smiley monster up from care early as he apparently had what I was getting, which was what the rest of the family had across the weekend. It's funny how we all fall prey in stages. Yeah, funny - right!

By four I was snoozing on the lounge wondering why I felt like I'd been in one of those giant blow up sphere things that people get inside to roll down hills in New Zealand. I spent the next four hours between periods of consciousness wishing it wasn't necessary for everyone in the house to stand in the next room banging drawers and plates while yelling at each other and also wishing that I had either enough energy or at least a loving husband to get me up off the lounge so I could collapse into bed.

At eight I realised I had missed both full moon ritual and the first half hour of Thank God You're Here. I decided it wasn't too late to catch the rest of the latter so watched that for a while before dozing off again only to be woken by the smiley monsters cries coz it hurts, mummy - hey, you're tellin' me, kid!

This morning, the smiley monster was full of beans again but I was still somewhat tender. I snapped myself out of it as I don't really have time or enough people to offer sympathy for me to be sick. After a half hour shower I felt much more human so I downed a V to give me that last little kick, whipped the kids into douoble-pocket money bribe for chores mode and got the household pumping. I've finished the day with the impossibly princesses last few remaining boxes sorted and and ready to be rehomed, the stuff from under the stairs sorted and either rehomed or in appropriate piles to facilitate rehoming , rediscovered the end of the kitchen bench that for some reason is a magnet for all papers and toys that come into the house AND I've captured one and a half LP's to mp3 format.

The smiley monster ran out of steam and asked to go to bed at 6.30pm, which is good but I hope he is not going to have a relapse. Thankfully it seems to be a bit of a 36 hour thing for each of the sufferers I've talked to so I hope the smiley monster can toe the line with that at least.

So, despite the set backs, I'd still call it a reasonably successful day, wouldn't you?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Time Will Tell

Such a wonderful weekend - thank you Diana, Jen and to all of the Stroud Retreat organisation committee!

I feel so much more peaceful and even coming home to a houseful of sick people hasn't been able to dampen my mood. I feel like I really got a lot of what I needed from spending the time at the beautiful site at Stroud and am ever grateful for all of my sisters - both new and old - and for the friendships, fun and, of course, the food!

Another thing that I have returned home with is a quiet energy. Before, my energy used to run in peeks and troughs but now it feels much more sustainable. I guess time will tell on that one.