Friday, February 13, 2009


Decided I was going to read 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller. Have borrowed it from the library today and after reading the cover I'm not sure if I want to read it now. I guess I'll give it a start but as to whether it gets a finish will remain to be seen.

Had the best trip to the library with the smiley monster today. We had a pretty full-on morning all round and I felt like a stay-at-home mum who is actually doing her job properly. I couldn't do it all day every day though.

Have been having really vivid dreams every night for nearly two weeks. The first few nights I remembered them all with a fairly high level of detail but am remembering less and less although I am still really conscious of having them.

My spelling is fairly atrocious which I am usually reminded of through spell-check (especially the Firefox equivalent, which rocks) but it seems to be strangely improved of late, particularly on words that I usually spell wrong. I still make spelling mistakes, but there just seems to be less of them recently.

There's been other things but I don't know how significant. Mostly glimpses that I don't really understand. Hmmm.

Valentines Day tomorrow. February is my absolute favourite month by far. There are so many happy dates for me in February as long as I keep my expectations in check as life can't be a fairy tale forever. The Starchild proposed to me on the 8th (and there is a fairy tale story about that but I'm too tired to go through it all now), its my birthday on the 9th, Valentines Day on the 14th and our wedding anniversary on the 28th. Plus its special cause it is the only month with a changing number of days and the only month that doesn't have 30 or 31 days - it's like it's the month that balances out and makes sense of the rest of the year by making the 0.2425 day adjustment. But all of that aside, I hope everyone has a really lovely Valentines Day.

So Much Fun (Although You Wouldn't Think So To Start)

I started to go through my filing cabinet a few days ago but generally only get to work on it in bursts but I have now gone through all four drawers and have thrown out more things than I ever imagined I would have, let alone would part with. I feel much lighter already although I know that I still have much to do in the way of going through two more piles of "stuff" that never even made its way into the filing cabinet, then labelling everything and then there's the archive boxes of The Starchild's tax stuff, which is thankfully all in the correct tax years now but as they weren't all lodged in the correct years I need to work out the retention dates for each of them. He has so many dockets and what not.

Once all that is done I will be able to get onto The Starchild's last BAS, which is due by the end of this month, then I'll really start to progress things for our company. I've been reading a book with advice for women starting and growing businesses. It's not really anything new theory wise but it's good to get in the right head space.

Then I get to buy a new laptop - yippie! and software - hurrah! and maybe a wireless network - oh, yeah! and new telephones - yay! and lots and lots more things to spend money on and that's gonna be so much fun.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wrath of a Cranky Wendy

Well, not surprisingly, I didn't enjoy being cranky today at all and I am disinclined to repeat the experience tomorrow. In fact, I am disinclined to repeat the experience ever again but I am also a realist (albeit an idealistic one) and I know that there will be other days when I am once again old lady cranky pants.

But not tomorrow.

Tomorrow will not be a cranky pants day. In fact, tomorrow may be a no pants at all day, kinda like starting again with a blank canvas in a way.

Only I'm far to sensible to spend the whole day without pants and I don't think anyone at the school will appreciate it, least of all my own widdies, when I take the them to school and stand at the car waving until they get inside the school gate as is my normal routine.

On a brighter note, I paid the school fees for the year this morning. This means that we get the fees at last years prices because they were paid before the 16th of February and it also means that for the first time in so long that I can't remember when the last time was, I got to actually touch one of those elusive green notes that seem to have been avoiding me.

On an even brighter note, ummm, actually, there is no even brighter note. Well, not today anyway, but tomorrow! yes, tomorrow is another matter altogether. A new day, as it were, and there will be brighter things.

Actually, I just thought of something that was even brighter today. When it started raining yesterday (I'll get to the brighter today thing in a minute) I had my usual urge to run outside and frolic in it but, as I have already mentioned, I am rather sensible in my actions despite what my urges may be, so I didn't. But today, I got caught out in the rain twice. It was lovely, particularly as I was with the widdies so we all turned our faces to the clouds, raised our arms and let the big beautiful raindrops fall on us unhindered. I don't know what made me laugh more, the feel of the rain, watching the widdies feel the rain, or watching other people who had clothes and papers or sometimes nothing at all to worry about getting all wet giving me strange looks as they tried to dodge the raindrops.

Yes, that's the feeling that I am going to take with me tomorrow. That and peaceful calmness, because neither I nor the world deserve the wrath of a cranky Wendy.

Old Lady Cranky Pants

Not quite sure why but I am feeling rather cranky today. Might as well stick to what I'm good at, I s'pose. Hurrumph!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found

Yep, that's right, folks. It's the Lost season return tonight and I'm gonna stay up way past my bedtime (ok, so that's not unusual) and just be so happy coz I, like many other Lostoholics, have been waiting so long to have it back on!

Today And Tomorrow

The lightest rain
Came down today
Feint promise of relief
The deepest pain
So far away
Like no other grief
That floods your veins
Turns night to day
Questions your beliefs
That can't contain
The words we say
As we echo disbelief
For the shame
The life betrayed
A gift from but a thief
But cry again
As is our way
Through tears becoming brief
For all the strain
Just cannot stay
So we turn another leaf
And start again
Another day
Another piece in life's motif

Happy Days

After my "day off" for my birthday on Monday and then spending all day at the swimming carnival yesterday, everything has been building up and I have so much to do today. The zoo is a mess and while it is mostly surface mess, there's still loads of things to put away. I'll probably find the real mess underneath all of that though. Oh, happy days!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proud Mum

School swimming carnival today. Kman, who has never been a sporty kid but who has been training diligently in several areas for the past few years, blew me out of the water today, so to speak, with three first place ribbons, a second place ribbon, a third place ribbon and a participation ribbon. To get these he swam 100m freestyle (additional race at the start of the day), 50m freestyle, backstroke, butterfly (which he doesn't even train for), breaststroke as well as a 50m length in the 4 x 50m primary relay (which he was the youngest participant out of all of the teams).

I was so proud of my boy for all of his hard work in training and competing but also with the lovely nature that he and his friends all show one another with their sincere enthusiasm for one another's achievements.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meme - Wendy Needs, Wendy Wants, Wendy Has

Here's the Meme that so many have been blogging about of late (yes, I'm a little behind, I know).

Basically, you google your name and the word needs in inverted commas (so I googled "Wendy needs") only when I did it I also found a version with "Wendy Wants" and "Wendy Has" so I have added those here. My own comments are in italics in the brackets at the end of each sentence.

So, what does Wendy need....?

Wendy needs a little time (just a little? ahhw, c'mon, can't I have just a little more than a little?)

Wendy needs a patient, loving and committed family who can provide structure and support. (ummm, yes, that's true, but it's a little late for that now coz I'm so self assured, stubborn and independent now)

Wendy needs every measuring cup and teaspoon she can find. (yes, and every measuring jug, and every kitchen scale and all of the measuring items one can possibly image, for the *obvious* reasons)

Wendy needs to wake up. (yeah, this is all a dream - that sure explains a hell of a lot!)

Wendy needs her energy for crashing cocktail parties, scoring drugs and
fending off passes. (oh, yeah, that's my life for sure)

And, what does Wendy want...?

Wendy wants the truth. (you betcha - coz I know the truth is out there!)

Wendy wants to know. (hey, but doesn't everyone? perhaps it's my relentless and indepth questioning that comes to the forefront here)

Wendy wants to play. (constantly, perhaps the crashing of cocktail parties, scoring of drugs and fending off of passes is just what I need after all)

Wendy wants to be first. (At something - anything, c'mon, surely there's something out there that I can be first at!)

Wendy wants me! (yeah, sure, whatever, if you think so)

But, what does Wendy already have...?

Wendy has whoppers. (oh, ha ha ha - it is to laugh)

Wendy has a strong sense of her current destine and past reincarnational experiences. (deep. could even be true except that the juries still out on the whole reincarnation bizzo)

Wendy has a room to let in share accommodation in the Gold Coast. (nice - who wants to come with?)

Wendy has a story to tell (yes! now, if only I could put it in writing, get it published and earn shitloads of cash I'd be laughing)

Wendy has added her own personal touch. (don't I always? this has to be the truest one of all)

Hmmm, that was all quite fun. Hope you all enjoyed that and that it created a cosmic realism for you all as much as it did for me.

Happy Birthday To Me

I feel so much wiser this morning ;o)

Having lunch with The Starchild today and perhaps a spot of shopping, without any widdies - yippie! Unfortunately have to spend most of the day working with him so that we can do these things but that's ok.

Dinner at Centrepoint Tower on Saturday night was lovely. We got there when it was daylight and stayed well after dark so got to see the city both by the sun and by the moon. The views were fantastic and the place almost looks nice from all the way up there. The food was really nice and the company was wonderful, of course.

Not sure what else today will bring but I'm sure that it will not bring cleaning, washing or housework in any form and that's definitely a good thing!