Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nice Being Needed

Two days to the wedding. The Starchild was organising the present but then yesterday asked me to look after it. Gotta love it when that happens. Have my dress and wanted a shawl/wrap but couldn't find one that went well and that I liked so off to Spotlight yesterday with the Tea Lady and bought some lovely material that I will turn into exactly what I want - and at about half the price, too! Have shoes and bag but still have to get necklace and possibly earrings and bracelet. Hanging on Virgo Nurse to provide details on hairdresser/make up as this was changed at last minute but she apparently has a plan b half organised but I'd like to contact them just so I'm all sorted. Kirs are all sorted for clothes, shoes, accessories. The Starchild did the first draft of his speech last night and that has also now come to me to finish off. It's nice being needed!