Thursday, December 24, 2009

What Else Could One Want...?

It's almost time.

All of the presents have been bought and wrapped.

Friends and family over last night; one more visit of friends tonight.

Then to feed, bath and jammie-a-fy kids, brush teeth and tuck into bed with, perhaps, a Christmas story or two to fill their heads as they drift off into the land of nod.

Air conditioning fully pumping by this time, for sure!

Fill the Christmas stockings.

Set up the Wii (ssssshhhh, don't tell the kids we're getting a Wii!) so it's all ready to play with when they unwrap the empty box in the morning - hehehe!

And that should be it, me thinks.

Then just to survive tomorrow. Have about 100kg of turkey and ham with many thanks to the outlaws who will be here around 8am.

Bones is already here and currently swimming in the pool with the other widdies.

Mama bear and The Republic of K-land to arrive around 8am as well.


Unwrapping presents.

Sister C and the man arriving around 11am.

Then lunch - cold meats and salad - couldn't be easier!!!!

Pavlova for desert - oh, yum x 50!

(spell check doesn't know what pavlova is - sucks to be spell check)

Then chillaxing and talking about things that matter amongst family and loved ones.

What else could one want for an awesome Christmas day?!


Kerry said...

sounds like an absolutly awesome eveing and day to me Wendy.

Enjoy. Eat, drink and be merry i believe is the order of the day.

Who is going to have more fun with the wii??? the kids or the parents???

Merry christas...


Kerry xx

Wendy said...

Hahaha, Kerry - depends how we go once we set it up tonight!!! Gotta get some advantage over the kids who are otherwise sure to kick out aging butts!

wykdwytch said...

Merry much....I am as full as full can be must make room for a teeny bit more....enjoy.w.w.

Rob-bear said...

Nice to have chatted with you this evening.

1. Apology for having perhaps asked an inappropriate question. The reconciliation post (which I read after the chat) was a bit cryptic, but sounded so unhappy. Very sorry!

2. The question I didn't get to ask tonight is what you did to celebrate yule? It was just too cold to go outside in the yard and light the fire, and we don't have a wood fireplace inside (we're on gas). I'll check your other blog.

Best for 2010. (Good grief: what happened to 2000?) I hope it is a year of growing wisdom, discernment and peace.

Wendy said...

@Renata - always room for a teeny bit more, me thinks!

@Rob-bear - 1. no apology necessary. The post was a little unhappy, I guess, but nothing that can't be accepted and moved on from. 2. We're doing Litha at the moment, but certainly a Litha with a Yule flavour - slaves to the northern hemisphere that we are. I am increasingly of the habit of celebrating the sabbats with friends at the cottage with a beautiful ritual honouring the wheel of the year but this year was not to be the case for various reasons. I was so sad about this that, even though it should have been more reason to do something significant as a solitary, I was mourning too much to make it a reality. Oh, woe is me, right? Yeah, nah, mayhaps I'm just too lazy and had been increasingly used to being able to just step into other people's hard work that I didn't take the time I really should have to honour this wonderful time.

Best wishes to you and all of your family (both the two and four-legged varieties). May every happiness of the season be yours and may you be blessed by all you "see"!