Friday, February 12, 2010

More Each Day

Another day, another dollar.

Although I just checked my bank account and there is exactly the same amount there as yesterday.

I wonder whose getting all these dollars each new day because it certainly isn't me.

But I do have cute kids.

Although I wouldn't want another kids each day. That would be just too much.

And I was pretty distraught yesterday afternoon with the school, day care, martial arts, dinner, scouts run.

And perhaps I was heard to utter the words, "I'm not cut out for this home-mum business".

But a good nights sleep has done wonders.

Even though I woke up feeling like I could easily catch another 8 hours worth of z's.

Today is getting two kids to school then a swimming lesson with another as the mandatory items on the list. I should also do a grocery shop, which I am kicking myself for not better planning the timing of this need so it now falls on a day when I have a child at home.

At least it's only one child, but it is the youngest and the most difficult.

But he's still cute.

He's standing here now telling me all about Star Wars xBox, which is his current favourite passion and has been for about a year.

Now he has climbed back up to the bench and there is hope that he will actually finish his breakfast.

Sometimes I miss not having a "real" job. I miss the challenges, I miss the interactions, I miss the excitement, the achieving of goals, the stress (I do kinda like the thrill of the stress a bit).

But if I have to miss that or seeing my wonderous children develop each day then I know what I'd rather.

Still, it'd be nice to never have to worry about money.

But the more you have, the more you spend.

And we're doing ok. We are paying our mortgage, the bills are under control, the kids are at a great school, we have food (when I can get off my butt and go out and buy some), the kids do lots of extra activities, I have my own things I do, we have clothes on our backs.

It's all pretty good and I count my blessings for all of these things and more each day.


Natalie said...

I am SO hearing you, Wendy.

9 round trips in the car yesterday, should have been ten, but I collapsed from exhaustion, and asked Paul to come and get his own bloody kids, for a change.

Like you, even though exhausted, I wouldn't trade the experience of growing little humans.♥

wykdwytch said...

plenty of people out there worse off...but the amount of money that needs to be spent is frightening...

Anonymous said...

how on earth do you find time to blog?!

i'm with you on the money thing... you think all those dollars there, side by side, days on end would BREED or something, but, sadly, no...

Not Hannah said...

I loved reading this stream-of-consciousness. It was like reading something from my own head.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the comments, friends. It is so nice of each of you to stop by, read my ramblings and to take a few moments to leave a comment. I'm working with a technique I picked up from a book on writing which is meant to help you focus by releasing all of the other stuff that's whirring around in your head and which I thought sounded good for blogging with. They called it a Brain Dump, which sounds kinda wrong but still fairly apt ;o)