Friday, August 20, 2010


A facebook friend
who is a chef
but for some reason
have a preference
for random insiprational
and thought provoking comments
but only some days
posted the following today:

You find your path not by thinking, feeling, or doing but by surrendering. This reveals the impulses of spirit beneath the mask of ego.

It wasn't credited
but I understand
that it is from
Deepak Chopra.

Sounds like as good a plan as any
but am thinking
about the act of surrender
because it is a giving
and therefore there is also
a receiving
both by what is meant in the quote
but also you are surrendering
letting go
to another
and that's the bit
I need to get my head around
yes, Wendy logic
has kicked in again
and I get that this is an act that requires
the absence of logic
but if I can just prepare to release logic
by applying logic first
then I'm going to find it so much easier

something from scouts
that has been running around in my head
is their saying that
scouts do not give into themselves

so applying that to the Deepak Chopra quote
you don't give in or surrender to yourself
you can give in to God or the divine
or whatever label you use for such things
but is it just me or do others feel
like they are just left hanging there
when you do that

much to think about


Lisa said...

i love your posts- always so much to think about xx

Rob-bear said...

Some thoughts.

"Love is surrender,
you must surrender if your care."
~ The Carpenters

Which I think is good, if what you are surrendering to is a source, or energy, or divinity — something much larger than yourself, and particularly if it is very caring.

Being an ol' Boy Scout is helpful in remembering those things.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Lisa x♥x

Yes, Rob-bear, my thinking is increasingly inclined towards what you have described - thank you!

Chez said...

'Food' for thought Wendy