Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out There

A difficult day
a difficult time
but it's time to peel the onion
and see if I can make parfait
(that's a little joke for all of the Shrek fans out there)


Chez said...

Watched Shrek movies with my grandson but tonight I am peeling the onion to place in the bedroom to get rid of this laryngitis that has plagued me the past two weeks.

Rob-bear said...

Interesting metaphor, even if a bit mixed. I'm not well-acquainted with Shrek.

But if you can shed enough layers to discover (or rediscover) your core, that'll be parfait, meaning "perfect."

Wendy said...

@Chez: I hear that works a treat but have never tried it myself. Would love to hear how it goes. Sending healing your way.

Wendy said...

@Rob: perfect - yes, that's perfect :o)