Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Grateful

Spending time outside
really seems to help
even when I don't want to be there
if there is a breeze
then I feel blessed.

Spending time inside
preferably wasting time on the computer
even when I should be doing something else
is how I would live my life
if I was alone
and I know that my life is meant for
more than this.

Spending time writing
allowing the spark
that comes easily in terms of flow
but with great difficultly in terms of time
reminds me how long things can take
but how much I love and value them
and how much they make me love and value myself.

Spending time sleeping
doesn't usually make me feel less tired
but it does make me feel
like I have invested in myself
and my health
and I cherish the days
that I can do this.

Spending time smiling
and reflecting on the things I am grateful for
warms my heart
and fills my soul
more and more these days
and every time this happens
I notice it
and am even more grateful.


Miss Sadie said...

You understand how to use your time wisely: writing to help yourself, and maybe others; investing time in yourself by sleeping; smiling while reflecting on gratitude and in response to gratitude.

Too bad more people did not understand these bits of wisdom.

Rowan said...

I miss you Wendy, and your wisdom.

Wendy said...

Nawwww, I miss you, too!!! heaps and Heaps and HEAPS!!!! But I like to think I always carry a piece of you around with me in my heart - perhaps you should be more careful with your hair snippets and nail clippings - you don't want more freaks like me collecting samples! ♥♥♥