Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Do

it's as if
I can actually
the world moving.

That incessant turning
that I am simple
not part of.

It rattles
in the hollow corners
of my endless mind
adn does me no good
what so ever.

(though rarely is not never)
do I feel
like I am moving
in sync
with the world.

More often
it is like
I am sitting somewhere
just beyond the rim
and if I reach out
my fingertips
almost get
within skimming distance
but I never know
where the rim
is smooth as it looks
or whether it is
deceptively sharp
and will burn the skin
from my fingers
with it's unstoppable

At the minute
I can feel the world moving
and no
I do not feel
like I am part of that movement
but I finally feel
like I am moving too.

Moving along my own course
that I have to trust in
whether I can see it or not
as that is the only path
I have to follow
and I am the only one
who will ever
be able to follow it
as I am destined to do.


Miss Sadie said...

Following your own course sometimes (often?) means you are out of sync with the rest of the world. Happens to me with some regularity.

Don't worry. The world may catch up with you eventually. If not, that's the world's problem, not yours.

Wendy said...

Ahhh, it seems dogs are also wise like bears. Your comments, Miss Sadie, delivered unto me a bit of a revelation in that I realised that I always thought I needed to be the one to catch up with the world, not the other way around. Such a marvellous shift in perspective; I'll try to see what else I discover when looking at things from this angle. Thank you x♥x