Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So, so many ups and downs.

This is my life.

As it is the life of many
I would suspect.

Today I am hopeful
and that counts as an up
even though my mind is racing
with the multitude of things
that I need to be on top of
and my anxiety levels
are teetering on the edge
as some recent unexpected setbacks
int he mundane world
have put me so much further behind.

Until recently
I have only ever seen
God at work in my life
and never a negative "force"
that worked in the same way.

So many times
it is like I have been delivered
exactly what I needed.

Some small things
some big things
and I have been grateful
not only that I have received these things
that I have seen as gifts from God
but also because
my heart has been open
to see them that way at all.

But lately
there have been a few instances
more than just coincidences
where I have felt positive about something
had a good plan
been motivated
and something happens
that seems to speak to me
as directly as those positive things
but in a negative and destructive way.

This has really left me questioning
some of my beliefs about the shadow side of divinity.

1 comment:

Rob-bear said...

Well, Wendy, we are divine creatures having an earthly experience, and sometimes the pieces come together in peculiar, even unhelpful, ways.
True, there is a shadow side to us; it needs to be recognized and given its due. But it should not control us. Which may happen if we focus on it too much. Understand it; befriend it; but don't get too focused on it.
Remember: what gets you attention gets you.