Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost There

Yes, only two sleeps till Christmas, and despite having "all the time in the world" on my hands, I still don't feel prepared. I have no idea who I have shopped for and who I haven't. I was planning on going through it all tonight however The Starchild took a job down to the Central Coast and is still not home and after starting his day at 2am, me think he will be of absolutely no help at all. To make it all worse, all of the presents are in our room so I will undoubtedly be a right royal pain in the proverbial trying to make up for lost time in getting organised.

On a positive, the food and drinks are all under control. Did a grocery shop today and identified before even unloading the bags the things I would need to nip out for at the last minute so went and did that as well. Dropped pressies that we bought on behalf of the outlaws down to them to wrap. Had our musical guest and miss curlz and also he whose name is not what he is called, which was a very nice addition. Have half-organised a meal with them between xmas and new year. Must write that down somewhere.

Have just about every article of clothing out of the draws, worn, washed, dried and sitting on lounges waiting to start the cycle again. Being ahead on the washing, as the tea lady likes to think of it, does not make it any easier to get through. Was another thing I had planned to do. Had two sick kids on Sunday and Monday then I was a little sick on Sunday, very sick on Monday and recovering today. Hopefully the last one will remain unaffected.

Well, better get on with dinner, showers and bed for some and more work for me. I am actually very happy - I just wish I had more energy with which to be happy with!

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