Friday, April 24, 2009

Home and Hosed

Well, I have survived the first big challenge today - just!

My children are monsters. Correction, two of my children are monsters and the other one is the only one left in my will.

I had to get petrol on the way to the supermarket and was ready to turn around and go home by that stage already. All I heard was whinging, whining, bickering, pushing, pinching, punching, pulling, complaining and fighting. My children were climbing onto shelves and cabinets, putting things I didn't want into the trolley and taking things I did want out of the trolley, grabbing random shoppers by their clothes, running away, pushing the trolley into me and each other as I tried to load the groceries onto the conveyor belt and still doing all of the afore mentioned acts from whinging to fighting.

By the end of the shop I was ready to burst into tears. Taking all three of them to the shops is something I try to avoid at the best of times but The Starchild has been working so much and is exhausted when he gets home so I kept putting it off. I seriously don't know how people with four or more do it at all. I'm really going to have to prioritise better in the future!

Now, just the play date and I'm home and hosed!


Debbi said...

Aw. Sorry to hear of such a horrible trip! I hate days like that.

Chez said...

Wendy ..cannot help but laugh. To think you have chosen to put it in writing means it will be something that will be with you for eternity.
May the school holidays soon end.

jewell said...

top marks for even trying i'd say...i shop you should try it they deliver to your door

angela said...

I know you dont believe this right now, but one day you will be left alone and you will wonder what happened to days like this. And you will miss them.

LORENZO said...

Three is two too many kids for me! I think you'd be better off leaving them with Dad at home, even if he is dead tired. As they get older, it gets would hope. All the best. LL

Jen said...

Awww, poor you. I can TOTALLY relate. And although mine have grown out of that stage (and into another stage) I can vividly remember. Shudder.

One day it will be a funny memory, and like the others say, we will apparently miss those days.

I have tagged you in a meme on my blog if you want it.

Luv Jen

P.s. - congratulations re last night. I hear it was awesome - ours was awesome too.