Saturday, May 9, 2009

The End Is Nigh

The wheels are finally in motion to get some wheels in motion. I have agreed on a price with a colour that suits The Starchild with a salesman that suits me. Yes, that's right, I did the wheeling and dealing and The Starchild fussed over car colour - talk about breaking down gender and relational stereo types!

The whole thing was actually done over the phone and I haven't even met the salesman, nor has he seen our trade-in. Me thinks this is the way to go with these things. Now the final hurdle has been raised - getting the finance. We should know early next week if I should be making arrangements for a new car or if I should be re-newing my relationship with my current car and giving it some of the attention that has been so lacking of late. Perhaps a wash and a vacuum are in order.

Am grateful for the wish of "motoring bliss" from my sister last night - thank you, Lisa. Am also sending positive financial and abundance blessings out to the universe. Full moon is a wonderful time for this, which coincided without planning so I'm looking at that as a positive sign from the Goddess.

The main thing is that I am looking forward to moving on from all of this and am remembering that the level of challenge is proportionate to the level of reward once complete.

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