Saturday, May 9, 2009

Opposites Attract

The Starchild and I are clearly made from different moulds; that is something of which I am sure. He was asleep on the lounge when I came home after a wonderful night out at the cottage for a beautiful full moon ritual (thanks, Jen) and chats afterwards (thanks, sisters). I did a whole lot of nothing on the computer for a few hours until I was ready for bed and we both retired for the night.

I woke this morning and lay in bed for a time while The Starchild was out at swimming lessons with the smiley monster. He came home shortly after only to leave again to do a delivery to Pokolbin (he's a courier). During that time I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, had a spot of breakfast, *tried* to get enough mess either tidied or hidden sufficiently to get to the vacuuming, fed children, directed children to the Weekly Room Tidy with bribes of pocket money, washed two loads of clothes (something that I'm sure I did only two days ago), rediscovered the dining table under piles of paperwork, toys, drawings, mail in various states of opening, an inexplicably large number of pens, pencils and miscellaneous household items, then I sharpened twelve new pencils for the kids to do their homework with, re-homed several other items purchased during the week that were beginning to think their destiny was not along the paths intended during manufacture but to merely exist in the bag that they were brought home from the shops in and to reside on the green lounge in the dining room where they could enjoy the comings and goings of the other inmates here at the zoo, sorted and redistributed more piles of drawings, paintings, unidentifiable craft work, junk mail, newspapers and other items that appear to be magnetised with the opposite polarity as the end of my kitchen bench which they are therefore unavoidably drawn to, did 'school work' with the smiley monster and completely failed to get to the vacuuming as planned before The Starchild came home.

As soon as he was home, he had some breaky then loaded up his truck with some bush rocks that we had spare and took them and the Kman around to the tea lady's as I had volunteered us to help them give their garden a make over in preparations for them putting their house on the market. I wrote a letter to the nine live cat with clipped wings, including pictures from our trip to town on the train from last Sunday, hung out the washing and then also headed over to the tea ladies with the impossible princess and the smiley monster in tow.

We had a lovely and productive day. The tea lady and I were in charge of the plants and chose a lovely selection of Australian natives. The boys did the major clearing work while the kids played in the dirt and mud. By the end of the day, their garden looked just wonderful, but I do believe I have never seen dirtier kids in my life. We literally hosed them off before we loaded them in the car and headed home.

Now, I'm here on the computer again and The Starchild is asleep on the lounge again. We are such opposites in so many ways, but it certainly seems to work - well, some days at least. It makes me think there is merit in the adage that opposites attract.


Lisa said...

most excellent xx

Hippy Witch said...

My Husband and I are opposites, it does make for a more difficult marriage, we have to work harder than the couples that have things in common, but then, when people are to alike, they get bored of each other quickly, don't they. We really are a strange race. I found it works better now that I have my own life, he didn't cope to well at first, but he had to learn that either he contributes the respect that I deserve to this marriage or he is going to be a very lonely man, because there will be no marriage left. When I actually packed my bags and he discovered that I was serious, things changed dramatically, for the better. Honor yourself Wendy, then and only then will he honor you.