Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OK To Be Me

I'm jealous of people with passions. I actually consider myself to be quite a passionate person, but I'm more, like, you know *generally* passionate. I have strong opinions about things if the mood takes me and I care very deeply about a lot of things, but I don't think that I have a particular passion in my life, the thing that is separate from all other relationships other than the relationship that I have with myself, the thing that I love to do above all else and the common thing that my family and friends associate with me because it is what I live and breathe.

So, that being said, the question now is:

Can one develop a passion or is it something that you are just born with?

I mean, sure, there are loads of things that I like and could probably love if my practical side didn't allow them to become second fiddle. I love the line in The Offspring song All I Want that says, "I'm sick of not living to stay alive".

I don't know what the absolute answer is but I have a feeling that it lays in time. I need to invest time in myself and let that strong-willed and sometimes sheer bloody minded individual shine through. Too bad if I upset the apple cart some times and you better believe that I know it means hard work, but I know that the feeling of this absence of passion is weighing heavily on me at the minute and all I need to do is to look out the window at the moment to see that the winds of change are a-blowing.

It's all good though, people, it's all good - and it's ok to be me!


Debbi said...

I love this post. Makes me really think.. what am *I* passionate about?

Anonymous said...

some are born with a passion - like the ballerina thing or the artist thing - you just have to do it otherwise life is unfullfilled.We can go through life in self denial that our passion is worthless of pursuit and then our life can become miserable, our soul has not had time to sing!!!You must have passion for something...it makes you feel alive rather than just going through the motions.....find your passion...its there...w.w.

Chuck Dilmore said...

great post!
fascinating question!

know what?
sometime passions come
when we're looking the other way.

i didn't buy a motorcycle until i was 45.
now? a passion.

i didn't write my book until i was 49.
now? obsessed.

if you haven't already fallen into something you love, you will! maybe you have and don't realize it. i mean, you have at least 30 Followers hanging onto your every word!

you'll find it.
chase your happiness!
do what brings you joy!

you seem like the type of person who lets her life breathe. you're doing all the right things! stay open, and - above all - make sure you stay happy!

to peace & new passions!

Wendy said...

Lovely comments, thanks, friends ☺

Rob-bear said...

I guess my passion is for justice, and fairness, and kindness. When my health was better, I spent a lot of time in our community working on issues of poverty and homelessness, with some success. I still put my skills in ethics and journalism to use, but not nearly as regularly as I would like to.

Rob-bear said...

P.S.: As to your question, "Can one develop a passion or is it something that you are just born with?" I think it is something that we grow into, given the circumstances of our lives.