Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Arrived back home yesterday afternoon and got straight into the unpacking and general tidying. Fortunately the house was quite tidy so it was mainly the yard that took up most of the time before we actually got to stop but it was a good hour and a half between The Starchild and I before it was all done.

The lovely outlaws had bought some milk and a few things for our return so we didn't have to shop. The only casualty from our menagerie was one fish, not a bad effort since they were all entrusted to the car of a friends' 13 year old boy.

Back to YAAD last night and it was a really good class: a nice feel with good participation and we covered a lot. It was so good to be back, although I had quite a few cold shivers throughout the evening. I need to get my herb garden started and am not sure what the best location is in relation to sun and ease of access for me and prevention of access for my cats and dog.

I think we all slept well last night and the kids are getting back into routine - for another few weeks until school holidays throws things out of whack again.

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