Friday, June 19, 2009

Where The Bloody Hell Am I?

Well, I've been here actually, but I haven't been online as much and therefore haven't been in Blog Land as much.

I'm trying to get my photos from our recent family holiday on Facebook so will probably post a few on here soon.

I've also changed ISPs (and therefore email addresses) and was very pleasantly surprised at the minimal downtime this involved although I have had to update my details in quite a few places, which has taken time.

The impossible princess was home from school on Wednesday with a cough and again today so I have her and the smiley monster to keep from killing one another entertained. Her cough is not too bad but she has a sleep over birthday party tonight and a dancing performance on Sunday and I didn't think that being out in the cold and rain today would do anything to help her get better.

So, back to the photos and the kids and then the catching up on blogs.

Missing you all ♥


Rob-bear said...

Well, at least we don't have to send the Bloodhounds and St. Bernards in search of you. Glad your back.

Wendy said...

You can still send them if you like, Rob - I like puppy-dogs!

Rob-bear said...

I know you like puppies, Wendy, but I'm talking about full-grown adults -- real live search animals. Then, if I sent them, the word would get out that your blogs have gone to the dogs! (We wouldn't want people saying that!)

(Besides, do you have any idea of how much a St. Bernard would eat in a day?)

jewell said...

missed you xxx

Natalie said...

Yep, I am with those other discerning blog friends....welcome back,Wendy,xx♥

Wendy said...

Thanks, Helen and Natalie - I appreciate your comments very much as well ☺