Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crunching Kind of Way

Good weekend. The Starchild went to Lithgow in the wee small hours of Saturday morning taking Bones with him and leaving me to play single Mum for the best part of the day. Started with a 7.30am swimming lesson with the smiley monster - at least the water was warm! Quietly productive throughout the rest of the day.

My older sister and her family came to visit and stayed overnight. They have been holidaying in Queensland and stopped overnight at Dad's on Friday night, then ours on Saturday night before heading home this morning. We had such a nice visit and it was great to catch up.

Watched movies for most of the rest of the day with the Kman. Ready for school to go back tomorrow and have an appointment with the accountant tomorrow afternoon so will be doing first end of financial year for the company. Pretty exciting in a boring, number crunching kind of way.

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Chuck Dilmore said...

glad you had a nice time!
and with Sis!