Saturday, August 1, 2009

Imbolc Blessings To All

Out in the yard today, hands in the dirt, clearing an area for the swing set to go in. Sounds easy? Well, it wouldn't have been too hard except for the two huge wooden posts as well as the cemented in metal post that were in the area were were clearing and the fact that The Starchild did not want to borrow a chainsaw and sledge hammer from our neighbour. Stubborn, for sure, but a very hard worker and I was very, very happy that he ended up getting them all out in the end. The chooks were also very happy although I suspect that was more to do with all of the overturned dirt, weeds and worms that were available to them as we let them out of their pen while we were working.

So, we have cleared the big things out, have wooden sleepers set around the perimeter, have weed killer down and have a load of fine bark in the truck ready to put into place tomorrow, then we will just have to pull the stakes out of the ground where the swing set is now and move it back about 5 meters so it is not in the middle of the yard. It will be so wonderful to have it all finished!

I went to Imbolc at Rose Cottage last night and it was wonderful, as always. I actually wore my yellow ribbon from the Yule ritual up until yesterday and really feel like it helped me keep faith that the ideas of that time would soon be put into action, which has been pretty hard on a number of days between then and now. But I feel like I am really defrosting with the world around me and am noticing the difference with the things I am starting to get done already.

I do so love the winter and always look forward to each season while enjoying all that the current season has to offer but if I have to pick an absolute favourite season then for me it is spring and the world is really starting to feel like spring is just around the corner. I'm so looking forward to becoming more productive and I truly hope that you are all as inspired and enthusiastic in all you are about to embark on. Imbolc blessings to all.


mrsb said...

Have a blessed sabbat!

Kathleen said...

Happy Imbolc xx

Lisa said...

blessed be- the jasmine at the Cottage is out- the dark is ending....... xx

Rob-bear said...

Hope you've had a blessed sabbat.

Up here, of course, it's Lammas. I've been working in the garden for the last few days, but tonight was fire night.