Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soon Enough

Have been sorting through a few things in my head lately; it seems The Hermit hasn't finished with me yet. I didn't realise there were so many things from the past that I still wanted to go through, apparently. Have had a few heart to hearts with The Starchild and have been pleasantly surprised by the support. I think this energy may stick around for a little while longer and while it is somewhat uncomfortable, it's not entirely unfamiliar and I can deal with that.

The Virgo Nurse left today and I'm glad for the good visit and healthier relationships all round. Bones is still here and is starting to drive me a little crazy as co-existing with any 18 year old male would. I forget how much 18 year olds know about the world and how little simple old housewives like myself know, oh poor, hapless fools we are. I have gone from being mildly insulted to taking gleeful pleasure from none-to-subtlety highlighting areas of ignorance through innocent-seeming questions in response to these all too frequent statements of fact about the world. OK, it is a bit mean but sometimes it just has to be done.

Had a wonderful impromptu visit from the tea lady and her thee kids tonight, sans hubby as he had to work, but still all good. We talked a lot, as we do, and it was so good to catch up. I knew that she needed me but hadn't been in a place where I could be of any help and suddenly today I had this insistent thought in my head to call her up and invite her over. Turned out to be something we both needed and it was good to be reminded of that friendship again.

Time is flying by at the moment yet seems to be dragging on all the same. I'm not sure whether I'm on the minute hand or the hour hand or whether I'm pointing to the 6 or the 12, but I'm grateful to be hanging on nevertheless. There are nagging thoughts about all of the things I want to do but I know they are not for me to think about at the moment and that's ok. Time will come for that soon enough.

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mrsb said...

As someone who lives with a 17 year old male, lol, I feel your pain on that point! And yes, sometimes it just has to be done.

You are in my thoughts.