Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Land of Nod

Oh, my - what a very full day. I didn't stop from start to finish and my very long To Do list has lots of items crossed out as completed but there's no real sense of accomplishment.

My temp work went well last week and it was good to have the few extra dollars coming in. I ended up working three part days last week and got a lot done but it was far from rewarding work. I can only do two days this week. I went in on Monday and in the last hour there I finally got into some stuff that is closer to what I actually do in terms of "real" work.

Tuesday was a bit of a wipe out for me, I watched nine episodes of The United States of Tara - very strange show but loving it completely! Drank a bottle of wine, which I sometimes would prefer not to but have to concede it also helped me in a way. Nighty, night and more crazy dreams, seems to be the order of the day (/night) at the moment.

Today started with normal morning routine getting everyone ready for their various adventures: the smiley monster at family day care and Kman and the impossible princess to school. I do volunteer work at the school each Wednesday for about two hours. There's a few kids that I really feel like I am connecting with and that is a really special thing, I think. Up to the shops, chinese for lunch and a brief but pleasant encounter with a lovely guy by the name of Daniel who was out with his carer who was helping him with his lunch. It still makes me smile with such warmth at how happy and even perhaps a little nervous he was just for the simple pleasure of talking to a stranger in a food court. I so admire people who give their time to looking after others and helping them have some semblance of a normal life - if there even is such a thing as normal for anyone. I didn't get back home until 2pm, which gave me half an hour to unpack my purchases and put them all away, but I was so glad to only have one thing to have moved to my Thursday/Friday To Do list at the end of it all.

Once that was done I was back at the school to pick up Kman and the impossible princess. Home for 20 minutes then off to swimming lessons. Picked up the smiley monster on the way home from swimming, then 15 minutes later comes our musical guest to give Kman guitar lessons and the impossible princess keyboard lessons and her daughter mini curls to play with the smiley monster who was almost unfathomably naughty!

The next hour was finding the kitchen bench, organising Kman's birthday party, RSVP'ing to another birthday party, cooking a quick dinner for the smiley monster so he could be whisked off to bed as soon as our musical guest and mini curls had left and also making veal schnitzel for the rest of the family. Then there was organising showers, feeding animals, custard and icecream for desert and watching the last three episodes of The United States of Tara and blogging. I'll have to get Kman's birthday party invitations designed and printed and then, just maybe, I'll have earnt my pass into the land of nod.


Hibiscus Moon said...

Oooo schnitzel, love it but wouldn't even know where to begin. Yes, sounds like you've had a busy day!

Renata Daniel said...

busy for sure...who amped up the price of food while I turned my back by the way??????Have you noticed too???w.w.

Rob-bear said...

Did you meet yourself coming around a corner in the process? (If not, the day wasn't that crazy -- but it sure was full.)

Now, tomorrow. . . .