Monday, August 24, 2009

Put Into Practice

I've been thinking a lot lately about some of the sources of stress in my life. One in particular is constantly feeling pressed for time and like I am rushing about everywhere. On one hand I think it is because I am trying to do so much, on the other I think it is because I waste so much time so don't get through as many things as I could.

Part of this problem is that I am usually worried about being late for things - big or small. I tried to tell myself not to worry about it if I am going to be late, but that just hasn't been sitting well with me. Tried it on, didn't like it, looking for a better fit now I guess.

Something that I've noticed is that I used to be occasionally late but more often was early. Now, it seems, that I tend to time my preparation and travel so that I arrive pretty much on time, rather than early, and then if I take longer than anticipated or if there is a delay of any kind, I have no buffer so rather than being slightly less early or on time, I'm inevitably late.

I guess it's understandable that because I am trying to fit so much in that I am narrowing my margins but it really is just a matter of adjusting my planning slightly and I should, theoretically, be able to have a very positive impact in terms of reducing some of the stress in my life.

Why does everything always sound so simple but is always much harder to put into practice?

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