Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Best Friend or My Greatest Foe

Who said Imbolc was a time to live the old adage of 'out with the old and in with the new'?

There's something - well, a lot of somethings, actually - that I have been holding onto for some time. OK, hoarding might be a more appropriate word. And I know there's always a great reason why we keep this or could never get rid of that, but, seriously, even I have to admit that this particular collection has gotten more than a little bit out of hand.

I have three children who are currently 9, 7 and 3 years old and I have kept virtually every bit of "artwork" that they have ever done. You may notice that I put the word artwork in inverted commas, and not because I verbalised the word as I was writing it, thereby making it a quote, which I decided to reflect in written form, but because I wished to convey a sense of irony as the use of the word artwork in that sentence actually referred to every bit of paper, scrap cardboard and tissue on which my children have ever left a mark with pencil, pen, texta, paint or other unidentifiable medium commonly made available to children in the home or other various care, recreation and education facilities.

If you're not already bamboozled by the questionable grammatical prowess of the previous paragraph and are still following, or, contrarily, are undeniably bamboozled by the previous paragraph but have decided to forge ahead regardless in the hope that a summary would be forthcoming, then soon you shall be delivered with sweet relief. The point I am getting to is that I now have eight archive boxes literally overflowing with stuff and I need to either decide to allow my obsessive compulsive behaviour to continue or I need to bite the bullet and throw out some of the works that have been created by the growing hands of my dear children from the first moments of them discovering what crayons do to paper, to the first faces they could form, the suns and scenery that then developed, their first rainbows, right up to the bloody dragon versus machine versus alien wars and intricate castle and maze structure that now grace most of the pages. I think that last sentence serves to highlight the depth of my little personality quirk somewhat, wouldn't you agree?

I know what has to be done, but can I do it? This is my current focus of procrastination, if procrastination can indeed have a focus, as such.

Tomorrow seems like a good day for it, don't you think? Yes! As did Monday, Tuesday and the second half of today, but it still didn't seem to happen. Well, I make no promises but all I can tell you is that it will be hard to do, no matter when I do it. I have decided to cull some of it at least; all of the certificates and awards etc are separate and will be kept, of course, and I'm fine to keep some of the more "special" pictures (that was emphasis, not irony this time) but it's going to take a lot of time to get through all of the boxes and the recycled garbage man could end up as either my best friend or my greatest foe. Wish me luck, people!


mrsb said...

Have you thought about scanning some of it into your computer? Then you'll have their "artwork" but can get rid of the paper stuff with no guilt, lol!

greekwitch said...

Wow! I just read Mrsb idea and i am speechless. I was about to "give you strenth" for what is to come, but this is so much better! Then you 'll keep only the best!

Hibiscus Moon said...

I wish you the best in cleaning out, clearing out and decluttering. YOU CAN DO IT!

Hippy Witch said...

I did the same thing, until it gets to the point of overtaking every storage space left. So I culled, I got some plastic sleeve folders, and I decided that for kinder & year 1, would be 1 folder for each, 2 & 3, 1 folder, 4-6, 1 folder, thats 3 folders each, once they hit high school you don't get any more art work, they are over it. So choose the ones you will keep and what does not fit in the sleeves throw out. It feels good when you have finished.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Mrs B - scanning some in is a great idea and I will keep that in mind as a good compromise. That should help the process.

And Georgina, I'll still take the strength you were planning on sending if it is still on offer ;o)

You're so encouraging HM - how do you feel about a quick trip to Australia to keep me motivated?

Hahaha, Diana - I love your logical thinking and your processes - we must definitely be related somewhere in our ancestry! I have a couple of those folders spare and will be able to pick up a few more but the numbers you've given sound perfect ☺

Rob-bear said...

I wasn't at all "bamboozled by the questionable grammatical prowess." You were obviously engaging us in an intense conversation of the transient vicissitudes of non-somnambulistic hypnopaedia. Simple.

Remember: never do today what you can put off until tomorrow -- especially if there is a chance someone else will do it for you tomorrow. Failing that, you're in the same shape as me -- trying to sort out a lifetime's worth of work.

Have fun!

Jewell said...

love Mrs B idea...and Diana...will be using both for my forthcoming artist!!!!