Friday, September 11, 2009

Existing In That Space

I guess I'm at the age where I'm becoming increasingly conscious of the passing of time. Having three grown step-kids is a constant reminder of what my own three children will soon become in the mere blink of an eye.

This also gives cause for reflection on my own life and achievements and I've decided that I want more. Unfortunately I am very well programmed into societies conditioning to want things immediately or to give up and move on. I'm working on changing this. It's hard but not impossible.

There are things that I believe with my whole heart that I don't give myself the chance to follow through with. I think this is a fairly common human trait but holding onto these limitations is no longer acceptable to me. I guess it hasn't been acceptable for a while but, like I say, getting things from my belief system to my reality is not something that I've been putting into practice for most of my life.

It's very empowering to be working with the knowledge that I have been collecting all of the little bits and pieces that I will need to create the reality that I want. An undeniable belief in that knowledge was the gift from my higher self at the last full moon ritual (thanks, Jewell) and I'm very excited to be existing in that space right now.


Jen said...

the next clue is??

follow on, that is important

Rob-bear said...

Glad you are recognizing that you've been gathering bits and pieces that you need. Glad you're starting to fit those together.

Hope the journey is fun.