Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meant To Be All About

Have been thinking a lot about discussions on Monday night at YAAD class at the cottage. Renata organised a wonderful guest speaker, John Bell, who has been studying tarot and Kabbalah for something in the vicinity of 40 years. It was good to have his take on both subjects but the best part were the things we all talked about.

Two things I am thinking about in particular are the collective unconscious and the age of Aquarius. I have my own leymans thoughts on the collective unconscious and have a few thoughts related to physic ability, divination, past life experiences etc that I haven't really thought though so it was interesting to talk about these as a group. I have also been feeling that the Kabbalah will play a role of a certain level of importance in my learning but more in an indirect way. Having the two rbought together in this way has seemed to really strike a chord with me and I am looking forward to exploring this further.

The age of Aquarius is something that we didn't really discuss at length but it did come up but the part that I have been reflecting on was a description of Aquarians as being dividers. This was not really said in a negative way, but more as a way to highlight the different focus of the individual-orientated Piscean to the globally-orientated Aquarian. I'm not quite sure what to make of this but it is something that I really want to spend some more time exploring. It also has personal resonance for me as an Aquarian and I feel there is something there about recent events with my younger sister who is a Pisces (and who rang me on Sunday night and we seem to have resolved things somehow). I don't believe that the events themselves are significant but I do think that they are important in terms of getting my attention so I can gain greater understanding of the lesson I seem to be being offered.

There's some pretty major things happening within me at the moment and I don't really understand and am struggling how to work with them and still live in the normal, mundane and necessary world. I am buzzing with excitment right now and so aware of the importance of sleep for my mental processing. So many conflicts to work though. Surely this is not what it's meant to be all about.


Lisa said...

John is an amazing wealth of information and is a great friend to the Cottage- im glad you got something special from the night;Renata is great for organising him for you girls xx

Jewell said...

i have to say that there were a few "light blub" moments for me too, during his talk

am going to go have a reading with him....