Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Self

Are you taking the time
to create the things today
that you can look back on tomorrow
and say,
"yes! That is where I was then,
and this is where I am now,
and I received messages then
that I needed for my future,
which is finally
my present"?

Ok, so this *exact* phrasing
is probably not *that* likely,
but when you think of it
isn't is really
quite relevant?

What can you find
in and around your home
and your families homes
that reminds you
of a time
and a place
in which you once

What can you find
in and around your life
that reminds you
of a time
that once was
but is
and can be
no longer?

You have progressed,
but how do you know this?

How do you see this?

How do you measure this?

most importantly,
how do you learn from this?



Natalie said...

For me, it is the realisation that I am no longer 'attracted' to people ,places and things.
A group of friends who no longer appeal to me, even though they are just doing what they have always done.
It is observing myself in their behaviour (mirrors), and realising that I must have acted that way too at one time,but no longer choose to do so.
It is a feeling of disenchantment that lets me know I have grown past a situation.
Synchronicities then start to appear, to let me know I am on the right track.
New opportunities pop up in front of me, and I am 'magnetised' towards them.

That's how I do it, but I suspect
'Of my own self, I can do nothing'.
It is more likely my guides working overtime to support me. :)

Natalie said...

Oh, and I have learned to trust the invisible 'advice' and the subtle clues that constantly appear before me.
I have learned that we are nothing more than ants in some weird God experiment, which facilitates God to learn about love.

Rob-bear said...

Interesting that you should write this, and that I should read this, at this particular time.

Because right now, I am beginning to realign my priorities and actions; we are beginning to realign our house and our relationship.

Unlike Natalie, I am still attracted to things and people, but to different things and people now — that stretch me to grow and stretch my thinking and action. (Maybe that's what Natsy meant.)

Thank you. Both of you.