Thursday, September 9, 2010

See It

A blue day
happens once in a while
and everything forms a question
that serves to create insecurities
but I am floating through this day
in the knowledge
that today is just
that kind of day
and that's ok
because tomorrow
will be a different kind of day
and I am ready
to at least try
to prepare to greet tomorrow
with a fresh eye
and a beating heart
and not to lament
the loss of today
for in each moment
there is success
if we only choose to see it.


Rob-bear said...

Most of my days are blue, though, on some, the blue is so blue that it's black.

So even a small ray of sunshine is a delight.

The rest of what your wrote resonates, strongly

Jen said...

life is such a roller coaster, is it not??? Lots and lots of love to you always Wendy. You know where I am if you want to talk. I am here for you. xoxoxo

Wendy said...

@Rob-bear: yes, I understand those shades as well. sending light for when you need it...

Wendy said...

@Jen: so true, my friend, and thank you, I do know that in my heart x♥x