Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Much More

Slowly but surely
things are starting to work
including my brain
which has to be a good thing, right?

I always believed
that I had the pieces to the puzzle
although I didn't always feel that to be true
but now I am feeling it a little more
and it is now that I realise
how lost I had been
and how foolish I had been
and how grateful I now am
to be in this situation
rather than that one
which is not where anyone should be.

And while we may know
that we are who we are
and we have what we have
and don't have what we don't have
because of our own choices
that sometimes does nothing
to affect our sense of power
in being about to change any of it
but I am on the path
to reclaiming that
and it feels so much better
even it if still feels somewhat fragile
and I just grateful
that is all
and that is enough
for today
because tomorrow
I will be
so much more!


Chez said...

Wendy it seems to me, like our Prime Minister, you too are 'moving forward'
Well done!

Rob-bear said...

I thought this was going to be exciting. And it is!

Once you know you've got the pieces, then you get to put them together. Then you can decide if it's a picture you like, or something you want to change (in whole, or in part). (You can repaint the pieces — I think acrylic would be good.)

Wendy said...

Thanks, friends!

@Chez: funny you say that, I've got a new tarot spread in my head that I was going to call 'moving forward' - seems like you really hit the nail on the head! I'll have to make sure it get it onto paper now for sure.

@Rob-bear: Right you are indeed! Your mention of acrylic made me think of a nail acrylic I saw recently that dries with a "cracked" effect - that one sounds like a perfect fit for any of my puzzle piece I may decided to repaint ;-P