Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Live

Anger is for the young.

As we grow older
we neither
or need

Is this our virtue
or is it
our fault?

With our increasing perspective
comes the illusion
of wisdom
but is our apathy
for the causes
we held to so vehemently
in our youth
our maturity
or our contribution
to a world
we cannot change?

The essence
of these questions
is whether
we should
hold a macro
or micro
on the world.

This is the
of so many juxtapositions
of the life we live.

1 comment:

Miss Sadie said...

Hmmmm. "Anger is for the young."

I need to think about that.

If, as we age, we lose our sense of outrage at injustice, will our inaction benefit the world, and the lives of other people?

And is wisdom an illusion, or a recognition?

Do we really live in "a world we cannot change?"

Yeah. Hmmmm. Thinking.