Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Save

There is a story
about a young girl
on a beach
standing amongst
hundred of starfish
that were being
washed up
onto the shore.

The story goes
that the little girl
was picking up
the starfish
one by one
and throwing them
back into the water.

She kept doing this
over and over and over again
even though
the starfish she threw back
into the water
were undoubtedly
being washing backed onto shore
over and over and over again.

A stranger on the beach
happens upon this scene
and as the stranger approaches
they ask the girl
why she is going to such effort
with the physical exursion
as well as the emotional heartbreak
and the young girl replies
that if she is even able
to save one lone starfish
then all of her pain
will have been worth it.

I love this story
and I also love it
when the moral of this story
resonates with
events in my own life.

That has been me
in the last few days.

I don't know
if there really is a grand plan
and it concerns me
that so many people
are so concerned
with determining their position
on this matter.

What I do know
is when there are things that happen
that I don't understand at the time
then if I have an opportunity
to find some positive
and make a difficult situation
feel like is has some purpose
and that I can do something
of worth
because of the experiences
that I have had
then that is the part
that really matters.

Despite having a really hard time
towards the end of last week
I have actually been able to feel
so blessed
in that I have felt
and have known myself to be
a massively important support
to one of the most important people
in my life.

My wish
is that he be the starfish
that I save.

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