Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leave Behind

Caught a glimpse
of me in the past
so many years ago
in a photo
that I had never seen before
and didn't even know existed.

Oh, what a difference
between what I thought I was
and what I really was.

Things that seemed so hard then
are nothing
to the hard things today
and so I wonder
will the hard things of today
be easy
compared to the hard things of tomorrow?

How much harder
can life get?

It was surreal
so see the picture
and find it hard
to even recognise myself
but to have a distant memory
of the place
the day
the feeling
the friendships
the things that were important then.

I had to actually look hard
at the clothes and shoes and socks
I was wearing
and remember them
as being part of my daily mundane life
to convince myself
that it was actually me in the picture.

Dreams about coffee machines
even though I don't drink coffee
and getting the right sized light bulbs
and packing up to move house
and deciding there were so many things
that we could leave behind.


Miss Sadie said...

"Packing up to move house and deciding there were so many things that we could leave behind."

You have named our task as well. But moving this time will be different. We cannot do it ourselves any longer. We must rely more and more on others. And that is difficult in its own right; marking a passage to a shore from which no traveller returns, where what was difficult in the past seems slight and trivial, compared to the hard tasks of today.

Faith said...

this is a really beautiful poem. I loved what you said about the hard things in life seeming like nothing to now, and wondering if it'll be like that in the future.
I always find looking back on photos and reminiscing. It feels like a whole other lifetime sometimes.
Beautifully written :) If you get a chance please stop by my blog: http://faithsblog-thequill.blogspot.com

Write on!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Faith. It's interesting that I don't write these as poetry, they are just more about capturing my free flowing thoughts, but many of my posts do seem to have poetic elements and phrasing. I'm glad you found resonance and these words have given you something more to explore within yourself. Blessed be, my friend ♥

Faith said...

thanks for looking at my blog!