Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Works

Day by day
things change
and I would have it
any other way.

Today is slow
after more than
eleven hours sleep
yet I am still tired.

I haven't had less than
seven and a half hours sleep
every night
for the last week
and yet still I am tired.

I am relearning
the forgotten art
of sleeping in.

For now
I am just doing
what I think is best.

There is still
so much to do
and so little motivation
but bit by bit
I am working through
and I am truly blessed
by the most wonderful family
although the little ones are messy
and create so much work
they are loving
and affectionate
and are always happy
to give me hugs
whenever I need them
and to do everything they can
when I am sad
to make me happy.

They are
truly beautiful children
and out.

And the starchild
is also troubled
but so so strong
when I am not
and is more and more
open to me
when I can be strong
for him.

it just works.

1 comment:

Jen said...

loves you wendy...

why not call for a chat sometime soon... am not going anywhere xoxo