Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Try it

Sometimes stuff
just jumps in my head
like a line to a song
that replays in your head
over and over
until you find the connection
or something else
diverts your attention.

For me
at the moment
it is
semi-permeable membranes.

It is the thing
that I visualise
when I am feeling
when I know that
protecting myself from the bad
doesn't mean
stopping the good
from getting in.

I was first introduced
to semi-permeable membranes
in high school science.

I did well in science
first in the year when it was compulsory
but stupidly
didn't take it as an elective.

To me it was too intrinsic
to try to define
and I struggled with that
and didn't realise
that the system wasn't designed
for you to learn
more about
the things that you were
truly interested in
and that you could grown from
but was more about
the things that you could define
that you could meet the criteria for
without extending yourself
or challenging the conventions
which are the things
that have such an influence on
the results you are measured by.

But I digress.

In high school science
I was introduced to
semi-permeable membranes

A simple and demonstrable experiement.

One substance
in dialysis tubing
of a differnt colour
to a different substance
in which the tubing is submerged.

Some particles
can't pass through
the membrane
but others can pass
both in and out.

This is my understanding
of how we can exist
in a world with such negativity
with a heart driven by positive forces.

The semi-permeable membrane.

Also termed a
selectively permeable membrane.

But who makes the choice?

we do.

I am the membrane
that allows some things in
while keeping others out.

I let the good things in.

I stop the rest from penetrating.

A very powerful visualisation.

Try it!


Rob-bear said...

What a powerful image of healthy choice. Well done, Wendy!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Wendy said...

Apologies for the delayed publishing of your comment, Rob-bear. I don't get on here regularly and don't get notifications of pending comments. In all honesty, I am genuinely surprised when someone does comment as I typically forget there is anyone out there when I'm posting - let's me open my heart and see what pours forth. I really do appreciate it when you take a moment to let me know you've stopped by, though, and love how thoughtful and supportive your comments always are.