Saturday, October 25, 2008


Fairly vivid dreams last night.

In one I was going for a job interview or had already started my first day and was about to meet the owner. At the beginning I didn't even know the owners name and was trying to follow the politics and hierarchy and I figured out the head honcho was someone by the name of Cody. Then I realised that I didn't know if this Cody was a male or female.

Then it was like a formal interview. Cody turned out to be a very strong willed entrepreneurial spirited woman, young but eccentric and very intelligent. The first question she asked me was to tell her about what I do in my spare time. I did the usual gag about 'I've got three kids - what spare time?' and then went on to say a few things about kids and their sport and learning the guitar. Cody seemed to start to relax and it was like it was at the end of a really long day for her and she began like lounging around. There was someone else there with us and I remember being conscious of my body language so as not to close off to either Cody or this other person.

There were lots more questions and Cody also spoke about how hard she had worked on growing the business. She spoke of working long hours and needing to be there to lock up so having a condo built near the doors to the office so she could chill out in the condo for a few hours until everyone finished work. I then realised that we were in the condo, it was like a mini-apartment with big glass walls at the front with modern decor and lighting.

Cody seemed to keep relaxing and I got the idea that she liked me and had big plans for what I could help her with in the business, although I have no idea what type of business it was. She became more and more personal in the things she was saying and then she was talking about her partner having not been able to handle her dedication to her business and having left her. It was like she was sharing something very intimate but more to release her demons than to give me an understanding. The partner was her girlfriend and she seemed fiercely proud yet abysmally ashamed about this.

That was about all I remember of that dream. It was weird but it was positive.

I only remember parts of another dream I had. I was with a group of people, and I think my mum was one of them, and we were away at some holiday place. There was a big lunch and lots about who was sitting where. The kids were there and some people were employees and others were family so there was sorting out of if the kids should sit together or with the family and if the employees needed to be separate so they could be given work talks and other items.

Then there was the pack up with everyone picking things up form the pool area and working out what should be left and what was to be taken. The details are fading quickly on this one but it was actually quite a long and eventful dream.

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