Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Adventures of Hippolina

Doing well with the manifesting. Started Xmas shopping yesterday (some money given by the outlaws to buy things on their behalf - I love spending money and I don't really mind too much whose it is) and made a good start. Manifested a great parking spots at all three places. Bought some more fish: four glass blood fin tetras and two rainbow sharks.

Call from Blister in the San last night.

The impossible princess left Hippolina at dancing last night so I had to drive out to Raymond Terrace to get her. I was extremely happy that I only had to wait a short time before someone arrived and that Hippolina was there, a little scared but otherwise ok. Muriel and Spinderella are much relieved.

Lunch with the soulful one today. Was going to give blood afterward however The Starchild got an extra job on for the arvo so I will need to reschedule so I can be back to pick the widdies up from school and take them to swimming lessons.

Interview with a recruitment agency tomorrow.

Dinner and gardening with the tea lady on Friday.

Have gathered stuff for tax and sent email to arrange - yippie!

I love The Starchild so much and enjoy it when we can work out together so I can have a super-fit, trim and healthy body :-)

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