Thursday, November 20, 2008

Que Sera Sera

The strange energy of last week seemed to come back again today. I had about 7 hours sleep before the alarm went off but I still snoozed it because I felt so tired. The smiley monster came in five minutes later, with books, and jumped on me until I dragged myself out of bed some half hour later.

Once the widdies were all at their respective locations, I came home and watched the Wedding Crashers and tried to sleep but even though I was really tired I couldn't sleep.

After the movie finished I dozed for about half an hour. I had an appointment with a recruitment agency at 2pm so I set an alarm for 12.30pm to give me plenty of time but I woke at 12pm and couldn't sleep again. I actually felt like exercising so I put my sneakers on and came upstairs to get a hair tie but got distracted by the computer doing typing tests in preparation for the recruitment agency and before I knew it it was 12.30pm and time for a shower.

I had a bit of trouble deciding what to wear and I guess I didn't feel really confident. The smiley monster had to come home due to a rash so The Starchild took him to the chemist who said it just looked like a heat rash. I ended up rushing for the interview but I did manifest a parking spot just outside :-)

The ppl were very nice but I didn't come across as I wanted to. I felt pretty bad by the end even though I hadn't said anything bad and one of the directors was brought in to meet me. There was a huge storm on the way home and I wonder if I'm not just too linked to the weather or something. I do want to get in touch with other recruitment agencies though, so that is a good thing, and I know I will learn from the experience. I was just so in my element running everything in my last job and it is really deflating to be where I am now so I will just need to take myself back to how I felt at my peak of confidence and wear that feeling in future situations. I still believe that what ever will be will be - I've even been singing que sera sera!

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