Monday, November 17, 2008

Back on Track

It's just another manic Monday and I've got Friday on my mind.

Since starting blogging I haven't spent so much time on Facebook. Lucky lil green patch is just virtual otherwise all of my lovely plants would be dead.

The mama bear is in Bangkok. Have just had second email from here since she arrived :-)

The Blister in the San is going to ring me.

Have been playing my guitar for about an hour this morning. I'm still crap at it and now have sore fingers. Was very enjoyable though.

Had a great weekend. Truck is now fixed (touch wood) and The Starchild has a new tough sticker. Lovely dinner out with the tea lady and her family on Saturday night. The kids had a ball and the tea lady and I had lots of drinkies. The menfolk were tired but supportive, which was good. I felt so much better after having some fun. Planning on going back so The Starchild can help with some more yard work on Friday with a BBQ also on the cards.

The Starchild and I are going away for a kid-free night on Saturday, which I am sooooooo looking forward to.

The weird energy that had messed me up so badly last week seems to have dissipated. It was very strange and I'm glad it has gone. I wish I understood it more so I can handle it better next time (as there is sure to be) but for now I will just get on with life and keep being the happy little soul i am.

Started the day with a workout, which was fantastic and inspiring. Only did three sessions last week, not the planned four, and didn't have even one perfect day as far as diet. Sometimes i guess i just *need* chocolate. Not much else planned today but will aim to at least have dinner on the table and the widdy kinks all sorted before class. I don't want to feel like i have to earn my pass out but I know how buggered The Starchild is already so would like to make it as easy as possible for him.

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