Monday, February 16, 2009


Hmmm, strangely inspired today. Not that I am inspired to do strange things, just that I am inspired and I didn't expect to be.

Am running on empty sleep wise, which can go either way for me as far as mental processing. At the moment it seems to be elevated and I really like that. Enjoying being an air sign today.

How does one become a life coach, I wonder? I also wonder what, exactly, a life coach is and does. I guess its a highly mutable role. Am very captivated by the thought at the moment.

Spent some time yesterday rearranging my fish tank with bubble bits since my air pump was freed up with the installation of the new filter. Moved the plants and ornaments around as well and made it a bit of a mother and son thing with the help of Kman. Am really happy with it now although I plan on getting another ornament to put in the middle. Saw one I really liked which was a section of a castle facade with arch windows and moss covered stones but couldn't believe the price so that one can just stay on the shelf for now, me thinks.

Here's my happy fish with bubbles:

Stayed up way too late last night configuring my laptop - I love having new toys. Vista is shiny and I am surprised to find how much I like it. Need to source affordable version of Office 2007 (with full version of Outlook). Have had offer of copy of a corporate trial version that provide full version upgrade for $50 but not sure if it has Outlook. Have to ask around IT friends from previous life. Firefox has heaps of way cool add-ons since I last visited and I'm loving the functionality, as always.

Had a spontaneous coffee (or tea for me) with two friends - the first time I have been out for coffee since I stopped work last October. I've been asked heaps of times but kept making excuses, as I sometimes do when I just need to find me again and don't want to get caught up in the 'let's do coffee' routine. But it was wonderful and I'm really glad that I did. I do miss my other mum friends but as I am seeing them more regularly these days it makes it easier. A dedicated adult chat was really good though.

Well, it's 1 o'clock and I have so much I want to do today so I'd best get along and take action on my inspirations.


Natalie said...

Cute fish.
I got a new laptop for our office too, Wendy, and it is cool!
I think it admirable that you can think on little sleep, I can barely function. :(
Also, how nice is it to converse with humans over the age of....(fill in your own blanks here!)
Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Your fish are gorgeous. Are they fresh or salt water, tropical?

I found an ornament like the one you described, only at the reject shop. It was $12, so I bought it. Maybe it's cheaper than the one you saw.

I'll post a pic of it on my blog, if you like.

Jac xxx

dragonesque said...

My fish are tropical ones. My first lot of tropical fish were guppies as they are quite resilient, very pretty and I love live bearers but I've moved to more aggressive fish now that I have the bigger tank so I can have more variety. I've got tiger barbs, rainbow sharks, blood fin glass tetras, clown loaches, kuhli loaches, long fin widow textras and a harlequin rasbora at the minute and it's quite a good mix.

$12 is HEAPS cheaper than the one I was looking at, which was like $50+. I'd love it if you would add a photo to your blog - THANX!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a list! You'll have to post more photos of them.

I've put that photo up on my blog, too. I got them at reject shop at mt hutton, but you can probably ring around to find out which stores near you have them, if you like it, that is. It's only 24cm tall, maybe it's a bit small. Take a look, anyway. I think it's gorgeous.


dragonesque said...

Cool, thanks. I'll just pop over and check it out ☺