Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purple Lovers Unite

Do you love purple?

I do!

Have you been to The Purple Store, yet?

I could easily spend all of my pocket money plus the money from between the couch cushions as well as all of the coinage in the car ash tray in this place.


Lisa said...

purple bra.does it count ?

Michelle said...

I see what you mean!

Great site!

Anonymous said...

I'm a purple gal too - and I totally second that. That shop could end up being the ruin of me!

(But what a great business idea! Very unique, eh?)

BTW, I have had a fiddle with the logo idea, and can't seem to come up with something that works... It's difficult. I'm going into hospital tomorrow until the 2nd.
Sorry I couldn't get inspired!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Never heard of that store. Cute. I luvs me sum purple too.

Blog Stalker said...

Purple is actually one of my favorite colors and yet........I have my

Have a great day!