Monday, April 27, 2009

All Before Lunch Time!

Have had to deal with a car salesmen today, not my favourite breed of beast at the best of times, but the one today was just a chip off the old block. I've never met a more incompetent salesperson in all my life. I can handle inexperience, lack of knowledge, bland personalities, absence of guidance and a variety of other aspects that are frustrating to the customer when trying to spend huge amounts of cash on what in a fairly important purchase to most people, but when there is contradiction after contradiction and no acceptance of this reality, well, I do tend to get a bit antsy. I know that I don't suffer fools well but if the guy didn't know about the product, he should have been honest enough to acknowledge that and find out the answers to my questions rather than just make up bullshit and waste a whole lot of time. It took five minutes for him to tell me the exact model of the car he was quoting me. Phhhh. Grrrr. Whatever.

I was still polite in my own blunt, direct sort of way but I did tell him that what he was saying was very confusing and had to repeat several of his contradictions and ask him directly how could that possibly be. I don't think he wanted to shake my hand when I left, but I extended it anyway, thanked him in all sincerity for his time and wished him a lovely day.

Before I even got back to my car, my frustrations were dripping away and a smile of bemusement had won the battle over the grimace that wanted to appear.

And the lesson here, folk? Not everyone you encounter can help you, even if they are doing their best and you think they should be able to help. Either way, it's not something that should ruin anyone's day and you should always have a plan B so you can continue working towards your ends. I am now at least clearer on which questions I need answered, have driven one of the two cars I am considering and have come home to reviewe and refine my previous research and am now waiting for another dealer that I have just called to ring me back.

It does make me think about how much personalities can sway our purchasing decisions. I guess it's all part of the "sales experience" that we are seeking.

But now, it's lunch time. YAY!

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