Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good, Good

More car salesmen today. One was very lovely and the other was very unlovely. I have now dealt with two dealers for each of the two different types of cars I am considering. The problem is that the car that I have decided I much prefer has both of the salesmen with which I have had very negative experiences whereas I would just love to by a car off either of the other two but I now know that I don't want the cars they sell. Well, perhaps I wont get the finance anyway and then I won't have to decide between the two. Actually, the plan now is to find a salesmen that I like that sells the car I want. How do you think a car yard would react if I walked in and requested to speak with someone who wasn't a complete idiot?

In other news, I have created an absolutely bloody beautiful invoice template for the business and have sent the first invoice off today. I am so fricken talented it's not funny! Hey, I've gotta celebrate what I can in my small and insignificant existence these days. Surely you can't blame a girl for doing that.

Decided to host an impromptu morning tea with some friends from church tomorrow. I usually invite more people than I think will turn up just to make sure it doesn't end up being an embarrassingly small gathering. The problem, which is actually quite a pleasant problem to have if one must have problems at all, is that everyone has said yes so I will have a house full of some very lovely people and their offspring for a few hours tomorrow. I've also agreed for Kman and the impossible princess to have friends over after school. The zoo is a mess and needs a good raking out BUT I'm not feeling stressed at all and am really looking forward to it all. This is the side of being a home mum that I actually like. Of course, it does have to be on my terms, but I'm feeling very empowered about that at the minute so it's all good, good.
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