Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look Out New Financial Year - Here I Come!

What a busy few days - as always!

The worship team were really light on at church on Sunday so I was playing guitar for the first time in front of an audience. I wasn't very good, I'm afraid, but I didn't have any major stuff ups. I have really difficulty strumming to the rhythm and singing at the same time but there was one song where I did the intro vocals while one of the team played keyboard and I came in with the guitar on the verse and was also able to sing during the chorus. I quite think I enjoyed that song the most.

After church was painting. The Starchild had prepared the impossible princesses new room (which is the smiley monster's old room) so the impossible princess and I went and chose the paint. She decided on an outrageously bright pink for one wall and a lighter but still bright and fresh purple (called 'sweet damsel') for the other walls. I've just finished off the last coat this morning and have cleaned all the brushes and rollers. There's still a few touch ups to do ones its all dry and the masking is removed and the woodwork is yet to be done but I have to say it looks quite wonderful - a fun room for a fun seven year old princess.

Yesterday was watching the last two episodes of 24 so I don't have to sit up until stupid o'clock on a Sunday night any more, doing a bit more of the paining in the impossible princesses room, doing my Yule project, playing taxi for The Starchild and the kids to go to the footy and YAAD class. It was a really wonderful night seeing everyone's truly wonderful and inspiring Yule projects. Everyone has their own particular interests and talents and it is wonderful sharing with the group - and when there's food that makes it even better - yummo to Yule cider, Yule tomato soup with fresh buttered bread rolls and Yule log chocolate cakes!

So much to do today, end of financial year looming so got to get all of the accounts in order for the business and yeah, well, like I'm motivated to do that. It will be good to have it all up to date and ready to get stuck into the new financial year with new plans and new growth - oh, sounds like a Yule blessing!


Hibiscus Moon said...

Merry Yule. What is your Yule project? Sounds like you are staying very busy as always. ;)

Wendy said...

Ooops, meant to put in a link for my Yule project - thanks for the reminder, I've added it now ☺

Rob-bear said...

Busy life -- church, fixing house, year end financials.

Sounds like a certain Bear of my acquaintance.